View Full Version : GBP 320/40 to MIA - reasonable deal?

7th Jul 2004, 12:41
Sorry for the boring topic, would like a little advice from frequent travellers.

Looking to hop over to Miami to do a PPL course in September. The course begins 28th Sept to 28th Oct (1 month, perhaps slightly less).

Average fare for the trip (from London airports) appears to be 340 pounds, all inclusive. Is that a reasonable deal, or should I look to wait around for something cheaper? I work for an airline, but staff deals are only valid for a max stay of 21 days.

Any advice/links appreciated.

7th Jul 2004, 17:44
Hi ,

340 ( inc taxes) to MIA in Sept is probably quite a good deal given that is notb in the winter months with lower demand so I would probably go with the fare.



7th Jul 2004, 23:15
I think it sounds about as good as you're likely to get for that time of the year.

To give you an idea of what you're looking at, the BA sale fare (always a good benchmark) which is available at the moment for the time you're travelling is just under 320 including taxes midweek, 15 more each way for weekends.

One other thing to watch out for is that it sounds like you're flying back in school half term week. Availability of the cheapest fares is always poor that week for obvious reasons. A play with the Fare Explorer on BA's website will demonstrate what I'm talking about.

In short, if that's when you need to travel, I'd go for it at those prices.

8th Jul 2004, 00:08
deals are only valid for a max stay of 21 days

Don't know what airline you work for (not mainline?)but that's a pretty lousy staff travel policy.

I don't even list round trips any more as the loads change so much. I list one way and then, whenever, check loads and list back, all via computer and it would be for a lot less than GBP340.

Damn, I hated BA staff check-in at T4 when I had to use them.

8th Jul 2004, 14:49
Thanks very much all, booked up with BA for 318.

Rollingthunder, I work for easyJet which might explain the difficulty. We have to get our non-ezy flight deals through Touchdown, Airperx etc.