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6th Jul 2004, 21:32
Hi Guys
I've just e mailed my school,Bristol,to get on the september brush up course for module 1 exams.If i keep working at the rate i'm going at the moment(approx 1 frame per week),i'll have just finished the course by the time i have to go into the school.Do you think i should maybe give myself more time between finishing module1 and going on the brush up course for some breathing space and revision.From the posts i've read on here this is what y'all seem to do??:)

7th Jul 2004, 01:58
Hi Ramshorn,

I shouldn't panic too much about when you finish the course before you go to BGS. As long as they have received all of your progress before you attend the brush-up is the main point. I actually only got the last frame completed on the Friday before I attended the brush-up so was in the similar situation to how you plan to be. This was mostly my own fault though as I had found it harder to start studying again than I thought so was playing catch up from day 1! :oh:

I would say that as long as you have covered all the learning the material reasonably thoroughly before you go down to Cheddar you should be fine. :ok: The two weeks there is very intense but all the instructors are brilliant. Do your best to get through all the feedback they give you, it is difficult though as there is so much but it will get you good results. It worked for me, 7 out of 8 on the first attempt, only just missed Met by a couple of percent. :mad:

I will be back in Cheddar in September as well, but will be on the Mod 2 course.

Good luck with the rest of your studying, :8

Northern Highflyer
7th Jul 2004, 11:17
I allowed myself some extra time for revision of each subject as a whole rather than in frames, but this suits my style of working.

Will be there on Mod 2 in September also. See you there.


7th Jul 2004, 14:13
Thanks for the advice guys.
See you in september.

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