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5th Jul 2004, 14:02
An odd story with sinister undertones.

Did civil ATC expect the flight but not the military ?

Pakistan Boeing intercept (http://www.jpost.com/servlet/Satellite?pagename=JPost/JPArticle/ShowFull&cid=1088996290704&p=1006688055060)

5th Jul 2004, 14:08
"the pakistan airlines B-763"????

Wasn't aware they had any 767's......

5th Jul 2004, 14:23
Both B747 and B777 used on the route so presumably one or other.

ATC Watcher
5th Jul 2004, 16:53
I guess nothing interesting to report that day in Jerusalem...
Interceptions are quite common nowadays...

What I liked ids the advert at the end of the story :

" Fly a Mig 25 up to 80.00feet .You do not have to be a pilot to fly a Mig in Russia "

maybe the two are connected ? :D

2 six 4
5th Jul 2004, 18:21
I guess nothing interesting to report that day in Jerusalem...

"A MiG-29 fighter was sent up to intercept this airplane and make it leave Russia's airspace."

Is a bit more than an intercept for identification or practice. If this had happened in the UK it would have been front page news.

5th Jul 2004, 23:35
2 six 4 - as of yet I haven't seen ANY of the interceptions over UK airspace even reach the papers, let alone hit front page news :suspect: :suspect:

6th Jul 2004, 04:23
Good job the wall came down a few years ago..............

Or this aeroplane would have 'left Russian airspace' in a downward direction, like KAL007:(

6th Jul 2004, 06:49
More or less first hand info from ATC in area indicates different story. Aircraft had no valid overflight permission so it was refused by Russian ATC to countinue the flight and they turned back. Jet fighter was sent just to practice interception.
So basically there is no story.

2 six 4
6th Jul 2004, 09:00
5 miles. No UK intercept has reached the press because they did not actively force an aircraft out of UK airspace or, like the other story reported here, make an aircraft land.

A non story if you wish depending on how what you believe is being reported.

Pakistan intercept (http://news.google.com/news?ie=utf8&oe=utf8&persist=1&num=30&hl=en&client=google&newsclusterurl=http://www.themoscowtimes.com/stories/2004/07/06/014.html)