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The Otter's Pocket
5th Jul 2004, 10:45
Hello One et al...

I have been having a problem that many others are having...I have read the books...studied distance learning...got bored...know the stuff...not confident about it...want to get them finished.

As I am self employed I can take a couple of months off to study. I would like to do a condensed course over a couple of months to brush up on what I know and learn some more about the job.

I know that Bristol and others do a two week crammer course, but I don't feel ready for that at the moment.

Does anybody know of any schools out there that do this kind of course preferably in the UK.

Many Thanks

5th Jul 2004, 12:42
I have read the books...studied distance learning...You don't say which school you did your distance learning with, but whatever school it was, they will have a brush-up course similar to Bristol's two-week course. What's more, if you've already paid for the books then I would guess you've already paid for the brush-up course, too.... so why not at least give it a go? As long as you've got good marks in your progress tests, I think you'll find that the brush-up course will be more than sufficient. It's perfectly normal to start the brush-up course feeling that you've forgotten 95% of the stuff you've learnt, and the brush-up is designed with that in mind.... it will take you through the whole syllabus at a rate that's just right to remind you of all the stuff you've already learnt once but forgotten.

If you come out of the brush-up course still not feeling ready for the exams, then ask the question again. I don't know of any courses that do what you're asking for, but I'm sure there are a few groundschool instructors out there who would be happy to spend the time with you privately if that's what you want and if you can pay them, but I suspect you'll find it's not necessary.

Good luck!


Send Clowns
5th Jul 2004, 13:18
I agree entirely with FFF. Although I am one of the people offering private tuition I would assure you that most people feel much more confident after the classroom section of hte distance-learning course. Hope you feel you won't need further help.

Good luck!

The Otter's Pocket
5th Jul 2004, 21:15
Thanks for your replies.

The problem is with running my own company every time I sit down to study and try to progress, the telephone goes, a customer has a problem or one of my staff has an "emergency".

I am finding it more and more difficult to make the time and keep the momentum going. The course isn't difficult it just needs me to be in the right frame of mind to study. I know that several others of my piers have the same problem.

I know that I can leave my managers in charge for the period required as the company is now maturing, however justifiying the time to myself away would require a course that I could get totally immersed in.

I am from a military background and everything that has ever been taught has been intense and logical, with the aim of getting people through a course ASAP with a high pass rate.

Prehaps there is an opening for this sort of course that could take people who don't want to pay the larger schools huge sums. A sort of cross between Modular and Integrated Course, that is intense but moves through the sylabus in a succinct and logical manner within a tight time frame.

Many of the courses that treat their students like this are those that offer cadetships.

I think that I may need a kick up the bum, as my motivation is there but it is just hiding at the moment.

Send Clowns
6th Jul 2004, 00:12
Your description is more of a cross between a full-time course and the full-time section of a distance learning course. There is no fundamental difference between groundschool on an integrated course and on a modular course.

Market is limited, although as you say it does exist.

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