View Full Version : Spilled Nail Polish Prompts Air Emergency in Germany

3rd Jul 2004, 16:23
Spilled Nail Polish Prompts Air Emergency


Published: July 3, 2004

Filed at 11:40 a.m. ET

BERLIN (AP) -- A spilled bottle of nail polish on board an aircraft prompted emergency services to rush into action at an airport in northern Germany, police said Saturday.

Ambulances and security officials were summoned and part of the Bremen airport closed off Friday evening after police were alerted that passengers on board a flight from Amsterdam that was about to land were complaining of nausea for unknown reasons.

After the plane landed, the roughly 45 passengers on board were taken off by officials using breathing apparatus, police said. But doctors found that none was injured or ill, and the passengers soon felt better.

Police then determined that a female passenger's nail polish had leaked and its pungent odor was circulated by the aircraft's air conditioning system.

The passenger will not face any legal action, police spokesman Juergen Osmers said.


3rd Jul 2004, 21:28
A regular passenger who works in the chemical industry tells be that the mixing of glues used in magazine binding and acetone can be very toxic in a confined space!

Do you mean like in a confined seat pocket or the constantly refreshed cabin air?

3rd Jul 2004, 23:34
Depending on the type and the operators procedures, it it quite common to re-circulate a high proportion of cabin air, as a fuel saving measure.