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2nd Aug 2001, 12:17
Maersk Air Ltd has just signed another 5 years of Franchise Agreement with BA yesterday.
During the next 5 years Maersk will also start their OWN routes alongside BA with their OWN identity, since the BA franchise agreement seems to be limiting the Airline on new/own routes. There are rumours of more charters with New Generation 737 as well.
On the whole good news to those that stuck it out with the company this far!

3rd Aug 2001, 00:44
Good news and interesting times ahead.
Whats happened to the Maersk private forum ?

3rd Aug 2001, 11:47
OK Maersk forum is dead, but the airline certainly isn't.
It's just that there is no one to moderate the forum ufn.

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Low life
4th Aug 2001, 00:12
How about you as Mr. Mod
Your unbiased level-headed approach, although unique for this forum, makes you the perfect candidate

Dom Joly
4th Aug 2001, 02:31
Steady Low-life. Don't judge other's by your own standards!


Low life
4th Aug 2001, 02:46
My standards appear to stretch from low to none existent. I struggle to achieve the low.

Gentleman Aviator
4th Aug 2001, 13:13
The Maersk presentation at the BALPA conference was very good last year.

I wonder if you could give me an idea of what it is like to work for the company?

From the sounds of things, you all seem rather happy.

Many thanks,

PPRuNe Towers
4th Aug 2001, 13:20
There's been some progress in the last couple of days so we're hoping that the Maersk forum will be up and running again fairly soon.

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6th Aug 2001, 18:22
We not only need a new forum moderator, we need a new head man.

Bjarne Hansen (chairman), the man who has just negiotiated our next 5 year deal has resigned. His communication was nt too good so I hope he told someone what the terms are before he left!

Someone forgotten to tell us this news again, that and the new route to Gothenburg.

Lets sell sell sell.

7th Aug 2001, 00:01
Why gawain - how do you know he's resigned?
Was he pushed? Is it anything to do with MAL?
How do YOU know? What's the connection to the new deal?
Do you want to moderate???


7th Aug 2001, 01:05

Thought u'd LEFT us. But now your back! So brave knight please tell us tales from your journey.

What path did you track to come by this news?

What perils lie in store?


7th Aug 2001, 01:23
It is in today's edition of flight international. He "resigned" 'cause of the EU fine regarding the dodgy deal with SAS.

Why do they not tell us? Do they not think we will find out?

Moderating is not for me thanks.

It is nice to have been missed

Brakes to Park
7th Aug 2001, 11:24
Guys , since you ask , the following article can be found in the www.ft.com (http://www.ft.com) archives.

Maersk Air bosses sacked

A controversy surrounding illegal price fixing on Scandinavian airline routes claimed its first management victims with the dismissal of the board chairman and managing director of Maersk Air, the Danish airline owned by the AP Moller group.

Bjarne Hansen, who is known in Denmark as "Mr Maersk Air" because of his pivotal role in getting the airline off the ground in 1970, was forced to resign from two prestigious posts - chairman of the airline's board as well the role of partner in the AP Moller group.

The other victim, Ole Dietz, lost his post as managing director of Maersk Air and is being moved to another job with the parent group in Singapore.

Maersk McKinney Moller, the octogenarian chairman of the AP Moller group, on Wednesday described the collusion between Maersk Air and SAS as "an unfortunate and isolated occurrence".

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7th Aug 2001, 17:24
On recent flight to CPH, big chief confirmed .......sorry decided to amend this as its an open forum and maybe not for general consumption.

sorry :)

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Low life
7th Aug 2001, 20:23
There is a statement on the Maersk website about Mr. Hansen Maersk.com (http://www.maersk.com/website/press/release_uk.shtml?ap080101151336). It is a pitty he knows alot about the nuts and bolts of airlines.

nimbus 2000
13th Aug 2001, 17:36
The forum appears to be back online! Well done ppt whoever you are. :p