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30th Jun 2004, 18:19
I know about EAAC being in trouble financially, and that their 742's are dismantled!, but i booked a flight to Perth with them in january, to fly out in November, and just wondering what will be happening about that!! I flew to Sydney with them in November. Not a bad flight, but very old cabin (EX BA)!!

1st Jul 2004, 01:55
To be honest with you , if i was you i will try to get the money of your ticket back as soon as possible, european is not going to do those flights.
the company is not allowed to flight out of any BAA airport, only BOH and i cant see a 747 with full load taking off from that airport.
Hurry up and get your money back, and get a flight to australia with a proper airline, and not with a MICKEY MOUSE one.

good luck
EAF 122 one of the 560 employees who lost his job without any notice and still waiting for his money.

Standard Jet Dep
1st Jul 2004, 06:06
"Not from any BAA airport" I have seen them here in STN quite a lot of late with an 732??

Thunderball 2
1st Jul 2004, 06:47

General misunderstanding of the nature of the EAAC flights to Aus, with the greatest respect.

EAAC did not "run" these flights in the commercial sense, they simply provided the aircraft to the charterer for a fixed price. That charterer - AusTravel, part of the TUI Group - will not now use EAAC aircraft on a charter basis in December 2004/January 2005, although I believe they were very happy with the EAAC performance on Sydney.

So if you have booked with Austravel they will accommodate you on a scheduled flight. Any money you have paid is with them, not with EAAC.

Matty J
1st Jul 2004, 15:03
"Not from any BAA airport"

Well i work at Stansted and like Standard Jet Dep i see their 732's on a reqular basis.

They operate STN-REU in spain once a week and do other charters to different destinations during the week.

Is it just the 742's which are not allowed to fly from a BAA airport?


London Jets
2nd Jul 2004, 18:05
EAAC are operating both 737-200's and 747-200's and they have started to recruit crew again. The only Airports in the UK that I'm aware of that they are not allowed to operate in or out if is Gatwaick and Heathrow.

As Thunderball said the contract with the ticket is with Austravel. Austravel are still in business and therefore there is no problem there. If you have the ticket in your hand then again you won't have a problem as they ticket has been sold, paid for and in your possesion ready for you to use!

EAF122, You need a reality check mate, I am one of those that was "sacked" in march but I am getting on with my life and am not bitter towards EAAC. My beef is with Stoddart, Woodland and the other directors. I am fighting for my money as well. if you want to take your frustrations out then aim them at the afore mentioned. EAAC are still trying to operate and good luck to them for that, I personally wouldn't trust working for them again and I wouldn't work them again full stop. I have moved on to another airline and I'm very happy there.