View Full Version : S huttleworth Display of 1930's aeroplanes and cars on 4th July.

PPRuNe Pop
30th Jun 2004, 06:10
Another chance to see the old aeroplanes - and cars - at Old Warden this coming Sunday - 4th July.

The mixture of the two is a joy and creates a fantastic atmosphere. Highly recommended day out - and don't forget the picnic.

Prices are usually 15 per head with children under 16 free.


30th Jun 2004, 08:39
I've taken the liberty of copying the batting order from the Shuttleworth Website:

1930's Air Display & Sports Car Day

Car Parade 1.30 - 1.45pm

Airshow starts 2pm
Avro 19
de Havilland Tiger Moth
de Haviland 60 Moth
Miles Magister
BA Swallow
Dart Kitten
Miles Falcon
Southern Martlet
Hawker Cygnet
Little Diamonds
Hawk Speed Six
de Havilland DH53
Blackburn B2
Gloster Gladiator
Tipsy Trainer
Currie Wot (Airymouse)
Hawker Tomtit
Hawker Hind
Westland Lysander
Hawker Hurricane
Supermarine Spitfire
Bristol Boxkite
Blackburn Monoplane
Avro Triplane

See you all there,

30th Jun 2004, 09:55
Blast! Wish I could get there... later...

vintage ATCO
30th Jun 2004, 14:29
I've mentioned how to spell Currie Wot :D :D :D

30th Jun 2004, 14:47
I just lifted it off the Shuttleworth Collection site.

Spelling now corrected.