View Full Version : 3 econ. -> bus. upgs in last 4 flights - what gives?

29th Jun 2004, 22:55
Yes, I feel extremely fortunate!

Of the last four flights I've taken with Iberia I've been upgraded to business class three times. So I get oyster mushrooms and gin and tonic on economy prices. (DUB-BCN and AMS-BCN routes)

I've got a frequent flyer card, but haven't enough points to get a silver or gold version of same.

The three flights in question have been full in economy, thus the bump, I imagine.

But is it as simple as that? Is it just that I've got a FF card and that's enough to flag me and get my bumped up?

Anyone with any insight into this situation? And how does one position oneself to benefit from this senario time and time again? (Flying on busy days such as Monday or Friday, for example might be a contributing factor.)

30th Jun 2004, 17:31
I think the FF card is your answer. Has happened to me a few times, seems they first the FF cards going gold - silver - regular, if there`s no one with gold, then the silver gets checked then regular.

They seem to have some sort of check against your name at the gate for this, or they can run a query. One of the times I got upgraded at LHR, the Lady told me it was because of the color of my card.


30th Jun 2004, 19:38
That could be it. My mother and I got bump to Business class on JAL flight from VYR to Japan. The flight was code shared with Canadian (before it went under) and econ was full. My mom and I were pretty confuse when we found our seats. "Why is there only 2 seats instead of 3 here?" "Oh, I think we got bumped up."