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29th Jun 2004, 14:27
Hi all. I read in another forum that the F-100 must use a cart to have air conditioning and heat when on groung ENG's off. Can someone elaborate. I know this aircraft has an APU, I was wondering if this is the case why it is not used for a/c and heating. Also if anyone has any info on reliabilty of these aircraft and common problems it would be appreciated. I will be seeing these aircraft soon and I wouldn't mind a heads up. Thanks.

30th Jun 2004, 13:48

F-100s normally have and use their APU for all services on the ground. However some airports require you to use their ground power/aircon for noise and polution reasons apart from the ability to bill you for the service!!!

F-100 is rather nice, a Fokker-28 on steroids, good automatics, customers seem to like them, pull 100 pax, full fuel on a 3hr+ leg, bit restricted on landing weight on those sort of loads, ie about 12,000lbs from max T/O to get to the normal max ldg wt.

The door requirements make the Jumpseat a bit of a trial for longer sectors

If the engineers are up to speed they keep going and going, makes you wonder the politics of the cessation of Fokker as they and the F-70 are quite a good product IMHO.

Did 22yrs and 10,000hrs on the 28, just a little on the 100, now usually in the Sim for the 100, best "electronic likeness of life" you could ask for in semi-retirement.


1st Jul 2004, 02:53
In an executive configured FK70, the packs are able to keep the cabin comfortable, but in the airliner configured FK100, I understand the packs can't keep up so that may be the reason for ground air conditioning. In the FK100, it's very important to stay ahead of the game when it comes to keeping the cabin cool; once behind, you can never keep up.

1st Jul 2004, 05:45
The aircon packs cannot cope on hot days so a ground cart is the best option.Your engineers will need to know the aircraft well especially the bleed air system!!!!!!!
Autopilots are also a little twitchy in picking up faults. A CB reset usually does the trick!

1st Jul 2004, 12:26
Thanks for the info everyone, I appreciate it. Happy Canada Day!! (July 1st)

1st Jul 2004, 18:00
Actually I have one more query, do the temp control problems happen in cold weather as well, i.e. -20C to -30C. Is it hard to keep the aircraft warm in those temperatures using the APU and packs. I know many of you may not see these temperatures but these are regular winter temps over here in the great white north. Thanks again.

2nd Jul 2004, 03:11
I can't recall ever having a problem heating up the cabin...but we don't leave our airplanes outside overnight, nor do we operate to climates that cold.

4th Jul 2004, 15:45

Thanks for infos concerning F100 - our company will get the first

of a bunch of 9 in 3 days and we´re all interested in how A/C will

work!!! - reliability!!!??

4th Jul 2004, 15:51
Would those happen to be ex-American Airlines Fokkers?

4th Jul 2004, 18:10

You´re right - the former AA-F100-LUXURY-JETs will change their

colours and their working-environment - a little bit colder than

before but better than waiting in the desert for work!! - we will

take care of them!!! :ok:

4th Jul 2004, 20:11
I've been doing some part-time work ferrying some of those F100's to Canada, hoping to bring one over to Europe soon:D

4th Jul 2004, 21:56
If it´s one of ours - please take care too!!

- Greetings from the mountain-side!!