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27th Jun 2004, 19:44
The Sunday Times (Travel sect. p4 27/06) report that Ryanair are increasing hand baggage allocation this week to 10kg/ pax. A quote from Ryanair says "We are moving towards no hold baggage and hope the additional allowance will encourage pax to carry just hand luggage".

Will this work..?

I know it's not likely to happen like this, but a 737-800 with a full load of 189 pax (from Ryanair's site) all bringing their 10kg of hand luggage, that's 1.89 tonnes of hand baggage to be stowed in the cabin, where..? The lockers are will be stuffed, under the seats is sometimes practical, but I got to think this is just going to be mayhem for the SLF and the peanut chuckers (sorry.. peanut sellers on Ryan..)

I'm sure they are looking to save money on hold baggage stowing, but will this be at the cost of longer turn arounds as the crew try and stuff all the bags into any avaialble space and then on landing everyone tries to find their carry-ons.


27th Jun 2004, 20:14
As a usual supporter of Ryanair I really don't agree on this one.

In reality passengers sneak more than the 7Kgs into the cabin anyway. However, will this now increase this storage further?

A 15Kg sneaked on trolley case falling out of the overhead lockers would be dangerous. Would be interested to know if the CAA would approve a double fold increase in cabin baggage allowance in a Golf registered carrier?

Ultimately this will also slow down the security screening process, as airport "passenger" security has to contend with close to suitcase weight luggage.

This move will however reduce the risk of passenger compensation for lost hold luggage.

I\'m sure they are looking to save money on hold baggage stowing

In reality they will not save money directly. This weight will still have to be accounted for as extra weight based on a higher average weight per passenger.

I think it\'s definitely new EU rules on Hold Baggage compensation this decision is fighting


28th Jun 2004, 12:51
I doubt Ryanair would move to no hold baggage and even 10 kg carry-on as that would cut them out of a lot of their market. But they might be moving to charging by the piece for hold baggage (which should make for fun at the check-in).

I agree the place for items of any weight is in the hold, not above passengers heads. All of us who fly a lot have seen overhead doors open up in turbulence or a firm landing.

Passenger stupidity (which Ryanair clients seem to specialise in) will also lead to a range of accidents as heavier bags are put up and down.

28th Jun 2004, 17:23
Probably why Ryanair are rumoured to be considering removing the overhead lockers altogether as yet another weight/money saving stroke of genius, along with no window blinds and non-reclining seats.

28th Jun 2004, 17:43
I like the sound of that. Remove the overhead lockers, no carry on baggage. Hold baggage banned too. Ryanair can say with some force that they are only in the business of getting you from A to B and have dispensed with all the unnecessary frills that surround that. The only arguments left to have will be whether one is wearing an excessive amount of clothing on the aircraft!