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25th Jun 2004, 19:37
I am flying with Travel City Direct Saturday the 4th of September and on my invoice it says we depart at 11.15 am but i have heard that they actually depart at 14.00 just hoped someone here could tell me the correct departure time as we have a long drive at the other end and a 14.00 departure may mean having to book a hotel a bit closer to Sanford , thanks for any answers .:confused:

25th Jun 2004, 19:46
Would it not be best to contact Travel City Direct for reconfirmation of your flight times... they will be able to advise you the correct up to date flight times for your particular booking, flight times are always subject to schedule change.

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26th Jun 2004, 14:26

As far as i'm aware , your flight normally departs around 1100 on a saturday, do you have a flight number ?

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28th Jun 2004, 20:01
Sorry for the delay buffy747 the flight number is euk130 i had the 11.15 departure confirmed by TCD but i have been on a Disney forum (i know dont laugh) and have found other people on the same flight with times varying from 9.15 to 14.00 and i have seen it depart myself at 14.00 so just a bit confused . Hope you can help out cheers.