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16th Sep 2001, 21:05
This is why this war on Terrorism will not be a quick one and will consume the next generation---

A book which mysteriously is no longer in print but written nonetheless by Yossef Bodansky in 1993 entitled "Target America" and endorsed by Florida Republican Congressman Bill MCCollum, vividly outlines in pages 14-18 how State sponsored Islamic Fundamentalists for years have been planting "Submarines", underground terrorists in a detachment, trained as pilots to one day, when called, rise up for the Islamic Jihad or Holy War, and hijack transport aircraft that would subsequently crash into selected objectives, in the United States of America.

These Submarines were trained in Iranian camps by Iranian pilots. For the disruption of aerial traffic in the West, from airport attacks to hijacking, Iran maintained 2 major installations for terrorist training. The first installation was established in Wakilabad near Mashad. The entire Western-built airport was given over to the terrorist training program. The latest Western airport equipment was purchased and transferred to the training facility. Iran Air maintained a Boeing 707 and Boeing 727 jet in the airport, and could send a Boeing 747 for special classes (Note:there were no Airbus aircraft). There were several former Iran Air and Iranian Air Force pilots among the staff and students, including some who were trained in the United States.

These groups of "submarines" had undergone especially rigorious training and preparation before they were sent to the West, so that they could retain their loyalty to the Islamist cause despite the constant exposure to the high quality of life in the West, and especially the temptations of liberalism and secularity.

A former Iranian intelligence official explained that thousands of secret agents were sent to settle as long-term plants in many American, European, Asian, and African cities. Many of these submarines were dispatched as students, workers, diplomats, employees of air (explains how the terrorists got inside help), shipping , and transport agencies etc. Nearly all of them are citizens of Muslim nations from Indonesia to Saudi Arabia, Muslims from Africa and Muslims from Argentenia who are legal residents in their target counties. They are taught to seek citizenship of their new countries, if possible.

These submarines have been planted since as early as 1983 and recieved terrorist training for their preparations as saboteurs. The vast majority of these plants have made it to their destinations and are still waiting for further instructions to strike.

Norman Stanley Fletcher
16th Sep 2001, 22:11
I feel the need to exercise considerable caution in this. These pages are read by many journalists and we are in difficult enough times without hysterical fear-mongering by fellow pilots. If we are openly saying that aircraft are even now about to be taken over in their hordes by 'sleepers, who will then carry out even more deranged acts than we have already seen then we are just adding to the frenzy. This is a time for calculated action, wisdom and common sense and it is certainly not a time to be feeding on people's worst fears. Do we want an airline industry or not?