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B Sousa
22nd Jun 2004, 04:07
Just flew Cattle class from the U.S. to South Africa via London.
Continental from the states in a 757. Im only 5'10" but I had zero leg space. Knees hit the seat in front, very uncomfortable. Must find a longer flight with them as their 777 is roomier.
Virgin from London was good, but they must be in a money crunch as they were very watchful of Hand Carry, to the extent of weighing things for the 8 kilo flag. At least for those with cheap tickets. All carriers now are watching weight on checked baggage close as its also a money maker over limit.
Also was told that Virgin charges for emergency row seating. I believe the gal said 60 pounds.
Virgin food, OK, Continental...........bring your own

High as a Kite
23rd Jun 2004, 21:53
Weighing hand luggage is more a safety issue than a money making exercise.

As for watching the weight of checked in baggage, the reason for this is two fold. Extra weight = more fuel. The price of fuel keeps going up and up! Also flights on the A340-300 are often weight restricted so every kilo counts. :eek:

Glad you enjoyed your flight from LHR-JNB on Virgin Atlantic. ;)

B Sousa
24th Jun 2004, 04:58
High writes:"Weighing hand luggage is more a safety issue than a money making exercise."

Thats what I was told and it makes sense. However it appears only done in Cattle Class and then only to a few. I also understand those up front pay dearly and the Airlines dont want to lose those customers. But if safety is an issue it should apply for all. Some of the bags I saw going on were obviously well beyond the limit.
I also understand weight restrictions to/from JNB. Frustrating part of the flight was that it was a mixed ticket. Start out on Continental and all is well, get halfway around the world and the rules changed, sort of put me on the spot.
I know the rules now and will fly the carriers where Safety is not an excuse for money.

High as a Kite
24th Jun 2004, 19:43
The hand luggage allowance for Upper Class is more generous than Economy. There is also more space in Upper Class to stow it safely.

The rules should be applied to everybody in the main cabin equally. The Ground Staff try very hard to make sure all cabin baggage is weighed.

It makes no difference that it was a mixed ticket because even if you had flown Virgin Atlantic for the whole journey, the checked baggage allowance is different on US routes than it is on South African routes.

I'm sorry if you feel you where unfairly treated. I can assure you again that this is not a money making exercise.

25th Jun 2004, 00:13
Correct me if I have picked all of this up wrong but....

In my brief experience of CO they have the policy of carry on bagagge weighing no more than 20KG providing it can fit in the guage at check in... Also from what I remember they spent massive amoutns of money re enforcing the overhead lockers to provide for this and met feirce sh*t off United and the Denver Aiport Authorities and Delta and the San Diego Authorites...

Now maybe you were on a VS/CO flt from LHR and then we could go off into the argument that if you buy a CO ticket you should still recieve the CO treatment blah blah blah but I just thought I would raise that point..

Also in relation to CO food... Once again a long time ago I used to prepare the food for CO in Gate Gourment in DUB and they always had a VERY high standard... Business first was supreme and Economy was quite good and effective and from what I saw a few weeks back this service has not really changed in sight of 911... ie: the food seems to be it's good quality self...

Then again the way I think about it is you are going on a trip... Do you honestly take into consideration the food when booking a trip and would that really put you off going with an airline? I like good food but I would rather get there in one peice, comftably and on time...


Just thought I would run with that :)This might help (http://www.continental.com/search/default.asp?SID=E898DA8A67DD4EDB9D8AA00D03641E54&qu=Carry%20on)

25th Jun 2004, 11:54
B Sousa - if I may, can I pick up on a couple of points:

1. Presumably, you flew CO from Cleveland, Ohio to Gatwick, as this always operates on a 757-ER aircraft. This information is clearly stated on CO's web-site, and is also freely available through the agents and consolidators selling their tickets, so I don't understand how you feel justified in criticising CO for doing exactly what they said on the tin!

2. Since 09/11, the standard of catering in economy on all airlines has deteriorated - especially US carriers. Indeed, on certain American Airlines flights (and we're talking Intercontinental here) a "goody" bag is thrown at you as you wait in the jetty, and that's your lot for the flight duration!

3. All European carriers are supposed to enforce Cabin Baggage weight limits - not just for Economy but also for Business or First class pax.

Our weight limits are far less than our US counterparts allow (and our BA Engineers still think CO's "reinforced" lockers would not be man enough to cope with a dose of clear air turbulence! As they say, it's not the lockers you need bother about, it's the catches on the locker doors!) The fact that certain airlines, and individual staff members, ignore obviously heavy cabin bags is nothing short of criminal - and if we have, heaven forbid, death and injuries resulting from loose baggage flying around the cabin, I hope those responsible can live with their consciences!!!

Indeed, those lengthy queues at security are mostly caused by the flotsam and jetsam most passengers insist on taking as cabin baggage. A small briefcase will go through the scannners in 15 seconds flat, a packed out trolley bag, 2 minutes!

Money crunch - no, safety yes!!!

B Sousa
25th Jun 2004, 17:51
Seems we have a reasonable conversation going on here. First let me say as one who flys cattle class, I dont expect much. And yes food is not a consideration. I do like some comfort on long flights and to have my knees up against the person in front is not comfort. The flight from London to Houston utilizes the 777, nicer seating.
Allowed 20kg on CO and then in London its 8kg on Virgin does put me on the spot. I carry as little as possible usually.
Knock on wood I have never lost a bag or had anything stolen but usually my carry on contains the more valuable items. I dont like to have to check that in mid trip. Especially when I have about 5 hours before departure to allow those in the back room to go through my stuff.
I have travelled many miles in many years and every trip is a learning experience. This forum gives me tips as to what to and not to do and its appreciated. I usually dont make the same mistake twice.
I have no problem with either airline other than my usual nit pik stuff and posted this just to give an observation.