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whose ya daddy!
16th Sep 2001, 19:37
Heard that after a brief fling at Stansted Airport, Continental are pulling out at the end of the season??
Seems all Trans atlantic adventures fade rather quick when operating out of STN.
Next please..... :rolleyes:

Indiana Jones
16th Sep 2001, 20:48
Not surprised if they did given the current climate before Sept 11, let alone after, and of course most schedule carriers rely on some of their revenue to come from transferring passengers which I would imagine is practically none existant given it is a 'low cost we dont do anything' type of airport now.

16th Sep 2001, 22:17
Yep.. its confirmed.
End of September will see last CO 757.
Quite a sad time for STN as CO presence gave some hope of getting more major carriers. No chance now! :( :( :(

Dry Martini
18th Sep 2001, 10:25
What about Lord Tebbit's Blue Fox (or something like that) which is hoping to get started out of STN transatlantic soon?
All business class in 767's.
Good news if it happens.

18th Sep 2001, 13:49
Dry Martini - Dream on

18th Sep 2001, 14:36
Looks like the proposed EDI service has gone before it even has a chance to get started.

Will they pull the GLA service as well? :(

18th Sep 2001, 15:50
Widely reported at the weekend that Continental Airlines was losing $30m a day and could file for bankruptcy in late October if it did not receive government aid.

Amadeus reports booking for US airlines fell 74% between 11-14 September, and other airlines by 20%.

Guess Stansted did not have time to establish itself before 11 September.
:( :( :(

Final 3 Greens
19th Sep 2001, 11:28
That's a real shame - I have a lot of time for CO, a customer oriented carrier.


19th Sep 2001, 19:25
I was told this afternoon that as far as Continental's UK & Eire operations are concerned, the axe is likely to go down on all 757 routes for atleast the 01/02 winter season; that would mean STN (already announced), BHX, GLA, DUB and SNN.
Loads out of MAN and LGW are "being constantly monitored."

19th Sep 2001, 20:24
Cor Blimey, F3G! I wish I'd had your experience with CO.

They were just about Okay across the pond in the 777 and I do not blame them for the respiratory discomfort caused by the pressurisation. But my last experience with them on US Internal (Tucson-Houston) made me resolve never to fly CO again. They were not even in the same league as South Western.

It's cabin service I refer to, of course; they were so over-worked and under-caring it became a nightmare when the seat pitch was also at torture levels. But the price was good and therein lies the problem in that fiercely competitive market.

So I will not weep for CO as an entity. Nevertheless, it's going to be hard on all those whose careers, salaries and pensions will suffer in any cut-backs in Civil Aviation. If only there had been a different way.

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Captain Numpty
22nd Sep 2001, 05:29
Profitable.......? I don't think so some how.
Ask American Airlines who pulled there 762, Chicago flight out of Standsted a few years ago. Most of the time, the 76 was less than quarter full.

Good luck Continental......you must have seen a market the rest of us have over looked!!

(I made the above comments in another posting I replied to in March 2001 - "Stansted or Stand Still")



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