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MD900 Explorer
20th Jun 2004, 21:53
I will be travelling LHR-AKL via LAX on Air NewZealand in December. I have never flown with this airline before, always gone via asia on my way down south. Flown BA, Qantas, Cathay Pacific and Singapore, on the way to Australia and New Zealand before.

I appreciate any input on this one. Just curious, as my experience with the aforementioned (Except BA/Qantas) were exceptional service and comfort. Don't start me on the BA/Qantas thing :E


MD :ok:

21st Jun 2004, 04:35
Sorry, never flown Air New Zealand but would be happy to anytime.

Input. You spelt QANTAS wrong three times.

Couldn't help myself. :)

21st Jun 2004, 08:59
Some backpacking friends arrived yesterday from AKL via HKG, NZ to HKG, VS from HKG to LHR, and reported that VS was far superior to NZ in every way other than seat pitch, which was deeper on NZ. It sounds like NZ's Y cabin and service are now well out of date compared to most of the competition.

MD900 Explorer
21st Jun 2004, 15:54

Quality pick-up on my airline dyslexia.

Hope that is better :E


Thanks for your input. I have heard similar from friends that have travelled VS, that they are quite good. :ok:

MD :ok:

Romeo Delta
22nd Jun 2004, 01:02
I've flown the LAX-AKL flight several times on three different airlines, and I feel NZ is by far the best of the three (UA, QF, and NZ) in terms of service and comfort. Of course, the Kiwis like me a little bit, and are always willing to block off the seat next to me so I can stretch out a little bit on the trip. Add that to the fact that NZ has the most seat-pitch of those flying (UA is now out of the race), and it was a most enjoyable experience.

QF was crowded and cramped, and UA was much the same (cramped, more than crowded).

So go NZ, and have a good time...


MD900 Explorer
22nd Jun 2004, 01:19
Romeo Delta

Thanks for the welcome news. i am 6' 3" and require a little leg room, so NZ seem to be meeting this factor. thanks for the input.

Is there any hard and fast rule for getting upgrades on NZ, even though i am a Commercial Helicopter Pilot (So none then) :{

Any tips appreciated. :uhoh:

MD :ok:

27th Jun 2004, 22:19
flew LAX-PPT-AKL-LAX in NZ a while back, right after 9/11, so planes were fairly empty (around 50 in 747 Y cabin). Smooth rides, quite nice flight attendants, and very good food, specially on the AKL-LAX portion. I would definately fly with NZ again, much better service than UA for instance.

Happy flights!