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19th Jun 2004, 21:24
I frequently fly to Manila from London and usually travel Emirates. However have just seen the Air France schedule which offers better timings.

Unless I am missing something the AF web site does not seem to give much information on its various services and classes. Can anyone let me know what it is like for long haul both in business and economy? The aircraft CDG/MNL is the 744


Wannabe Flyboy
20th Jun 2004, 07:38
I've never flown on either airline but from what I've heard, stick with Emirates. Apparently a lot of the AF crew have a 'do what's neccessary and nothing else' attitude. Mix that in with dirty aircraft and such and I know a lot of people who haven't enjoyed the experience.

Can't hurt to try though.

Mike Blackburn
20th Jun 2004, 18:29
Have to disagree, I'm afraid. Flew LHR-CDG-JNB and back last year. Cabin crew friendly, efficient and accommodating. Seat pitch better than Emirates (although that is only my personal feeling, ave no idea of actual pitch values) and better seats on the 744 of AF than those on the Emirates 'bus.

Sure the planes were dirty - on the outside. since I don't habitually hang out of the window looking at the paintwork (It tends to mess up my hair, and annoy the cabin crew) it didn'y worry me too much. Inside the aircraft was spotless. I would fly them again on this route in preference to Ba or Virgin.

Just my 2p worth.

Boss Raptor
20th Jun 2004, 18:42
Although AF is not as bad (mainly staff attitude) as it used to be they can still be hit and miss, good flights and bad also transfers at CDG can be complicated and prone to lost baggage - I'd certainly stick with Emirates

20th Jun 2004, 22:42
Avoid CDG at all costs:ouch:

You have been warned,

Regards, SD..