View Full Version : VW aeroengines. Suggested specs and websites?

blue up
18th Jun 2004, 21:30
I've got a VW engined aircraft that has sofar averages 80 hours between engine failures. Any ideas where I can get tech tips, copies of the Peacock conversion diagrams, Ardem diagrams etc etc. I want to improve the carb heating and reduce the deafening noise output. Personal experience or website/magazine articles from your old stores would be gratefully received.

Mant thanks.

Rob Wales U.K.

[email protected] dot com
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19th Jun 2004, 04:25
Does it sound worse than the VW minibus?

blue up
19th Jun 2004, 13:52
About as loud as living under the lid of a beetle engine compartment......or in the Luton "IBIS" Hotel.