View Full Version : BA Club World flat beds to Antigua?

18th Jun 2004, 15:19
Can anyone please confirm that flat beds will be available in Club on BA's 777 service to Antigua, in September of this year?


Wannabe Flyboy
18th Jun 2004, 16:13
I know someone who probably will... give me a while and I'll get back to you.

As you probably know not all the LGW 777s have them installed currently (though most do). Some are due to be done over the summer so odds are that you will get a flat bed - I can't be 100% sure though (and you can't be until you're on board).

18th Jun 2004, 18:33
Thanks WF, I'll look forward to a surprise when I board! ;)

Wannabe Flyboy
19th Jun 2004, 07:54
Let's hope it's a nice one :).

The actual aircraft that will operate your route won't be decided until a couple of days before you go for operational reasons... if you give me a buzz 48hrs before you go I should be able to confirm this for you.

19th Jun 2004, 10:15
Thanks again WF, I'm off on Sept 12th, I'll give you a shout just before then. Cheers!

21st Jun 2004, 23:49
It all depends on which destination the aircraft is finishing in!
If the aircraft is going on to Grenada you can be sure that it will be a two class with the old cradle seat in it, if the aircraft is going to St Lucia or Tabago it will probably be the four class with first, New Club World Sleeper seat, WT +, and WT!
Im operating an ANU this week, out its the 4 class, Iv a shuttle to Grenada which is a 2 class and the rest of the trip is all 4 class!!!! So hopefully that averages out that most of the flights are 4 class out of lgw! And as the crew now what type up to a month in advance, its likely that operations know sooner!!!! But as we like to say in the airline industry..." for operational reasons" this info could change at anytime!

Hope thats of some help to you but even if its still the Cradle seat....you still get the same fab service from us cool, fun and good looking Gatwick Crew!

22nd Jun 2004, 10:37
Thanks Paddy, The flight I'm on continues to St Lucia, so I might be in luck.

Whatever the seat, as you say, I'll look forward to the delightful service and the charm of the wonderful crew... (if that doesn't get me upgraded nothing will, ;) )

22nd Jun 2004, 11:42
Just curious, we are off to Nassau on August 20, I believe it is a 2 class layout on the 767. Can anyone confirm this/

22nd Jun 2004, 15:53
Dear Chippy...

There are still a few 3 class 767's floating around on that route! But the Club cabin is the old Cradle seat as I dont think they have upgraded any of the 767's at all!!!!

WUB---- Have a great time, If you have a paddy crewmember onboard say Hi and Ill drop a few Baileys in your coffee!!!!!

Oh,,,and Wub...almost forgot to tell you...although there may be a First cabin, it actually is sold as Club so if you get to the airport bright and early and are extra nice to the checkin agent (or use the self service the night before) you may actually get to sit in the First cabin!!!!! Still be the same Club service but so much nicer while you sit in your luxurious coffin seat!!!! :}

Wannabe Flyboy
22nd Jun 2004, 17:14
The 767s are going for a refit starting this summer into the standard 4-class layout (it could be 3 though... is WT+ going in?) so the flat beds will come in then.

22nd Jun 2004, 17:30
Thanks again paddy, I'll listen out for an Irish accent and will be sure to say hello :D