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18th Jun 2004, 05:13
AT Singapore international airport, the delivery often says"no PDC" when give clearance before start-up. so what does that "NO PDC" mean in details? and what is the difference to us if they don't say "NO PDC"? thanks !

18th Jun 2004, 13:27
I assume it's the same as at HKG. We recieve our ATC clearance via ACARS and then read back just the departure route and squawk to confirm. The 'PDC' refers to pre-departure clearance. :ok:

18th Jun 2004, 14:24
As d mate above mentioned "PDC" is normally related to data-link clearances... If data-link is not avail on d day "PDC not avail" is becoming standard phras...

18th Jun 2004, 18:05
thanks for reply, guys!
so PDC means predeparture clearance via CPDLC, is it right? why do they have to tell us there is no pdc? because if we don't have pdc via cpdlc(actually the curent type i fly isn't equiped with cpdlc at all), then we sure know that, we don't need to be informed, right?

Old Smokey
18th Jun 2004, 18:31
More appropriately in the Singapore environment, it implies that at the pre-departure stage, clearance for the planned flight level is not yet available from the next countrie's FIR. e.g. a common one when entering Malaysia's airspace - Cleared to F/L 280, no PDC etc.

19th Jun 2004, 03:13
No PDC from Singapore actually stands for No Pre Departure Co-ordination.

As Old Smokey says this basically means that the even though they have cleared you to a particular level in your airways clearance they have not co-ordinated this with other FIRs.

Net result is that the level they clear you to may not actually be your final allocated level.

21st Jun 2004, 02:40
Bsevenfour & Oldsmokey are right,

As per Singapore Aeronautical Information Service, AIP SUPPLEMENT 49/01 , 6th September 2001, effective 1930z on November 1st , 2001 , on some route (G220,L625,L642,M751, M753, and so on) No-PreDepartureCoordination flight-levels will be allocated.

They don't coordinate with the next controlling authority .