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Kaptin M
16th Sep 2001, 06:08
Following Lockerbie, the procedures for loading of check-in baggage were changed to ensure that the person checking the bag(s) in was also onboard the aircraft. Random x-raying is also carried out.

In light of the WTC and Pentagon suicide attacks, I would also like to call on the airlines and authorities to instigate far more extensive checking of the contents of check-in items.
The facts, as demonstrated by September 11th`s attacks, confirm that those involved don`t have any regard for their own lives (nor those of their shamed families left behind), and are prepared to die in the process.
Therefore, the simple fact of having pax and baggage together on the aircraft can NO LONGER be seen as a guarantee of the safety of the checked in bags.

Please upgrade THIS aspect - NOW!

Capn Lucky
17th Sep 2001, 02:44
I have two thoughts on the subject.

Security should either be moved to the gate or added there. There should be a final inspection of all person just prior to taking seats.

In addition, no carry on bags period. Therer are very sturdy laptop cases now and carry on luggage has gotten way out of hand.

I believe that checked items should be examined as well. However, these techniques are useless in this new environment.


Lord Lucan
17th Sep 2001, 12:06
The reason that carry on luggage has gotten way out of hand is that we know how disgracefully our checked baggage will be handled, (I watch them fall off baggage trains, being thrown, dropped and stacked at the bottom of a two tonne load.

And that we also know that it will take another 45 minutes wait at the collection carouselle too, ...if the bag has not been sent to Singapore by mistake, that is.

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