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17th Jun 2004, 09:10
Following on from the "Spitfire Ace" show, Channel 4 are looking for 18-30 year old grandchildren of WW2 Bomber Command aircrew to take part in a recreation of Bomber Command Training.


17th Jun 2004, 12:32
Typical, Their website seems to be offline today.

This will require more investigation.
It's a shame. I have no relations who served in bomber command, but I would jump at the chance to fly around in an Anson or a Lancaster.

Edit: I've seen it and I've written a begging e-mail to the nice lady.

17th Jun 2004, 12:48
Lets see now, we've had 'The Trench', for WW1 infantry, 'Spitfire Ace' for WW2 fighter pilot's, then there was the series thats just finished about D-Day infantry training, before that, we enjoyed a Dambuster Crew re-creation and now we are promised a Bomber Pilot series.

It seems to me that someone has just noticed a gravy train and is intent on hitching as many carriages to it as possible.

I enjoyed watching all those programmes, but if TV follows its normal path, there will be a surfeit of this sort of viewing as each channel trips over itself in a vain attempt to copy the opposition.

You want it when?
17th Jun 2004, 13:01
I shall look forward to the one where they request that sons/daughters of cold war nuclear bombers come in.

If I recall the events correctly I have to get very, very drunk, very, very often and then go to Goose bay.

Yes I could do that. :)

17th Jun 2004, 13:01

You forgot to mention at least 3 x SAS are you 'ard enuff, the D-Day recruits prog (not so bad, in fact), and I'm sure there's more.

I was thinking of suggesting an RN reality TV programme called "The Golden Rivet" - I have the outline if anyone's interested to hear more.

17th Jun 2004, 13:32
Yes, what next..."Celebrity Dachau Survivor"?

I can't abide reality TV in general, but must confess to enjoying the "Lad's Army" 1950s National Service prog. When the going gets tough, the modern young chap has a strop, and goes home to watch the telly.

17th Jun 2004, 18:37
Just a shame you needed a Grandparent who was a Bomber pilot. I blame the parents again...

Seriously, V-bomber squadron would be fantastic and somethign I would early love. With a bit of luck (and rose tinted galsses) Channel 4 might pay for the Vulcan to fly again, for those nice aerial shots!!!

18th Jun 2004, 08:28
Once again, I hope the moderators will forgive me for inserting large pieces of off site text for the benefit of pprooners everywhere….

This extract comes from the 18 June edition of Broadcast magazine.



Channel 4 has commissioned RDF Media to make a follow up to Spitfire Ace with a series in which relatives of Second World War veterans are put through their paces manning a Lancaster bomber, writes GLEN MUTEL.

Bomber Ace is a 4 x 60 minute study of what it took to fly a Lancaster bomber and will feature veterans’ testimony and footage of the planes in action.

Four contestants will train in various aircraft-the most proficient will get to pilot a Lancaster bomber, while the other three will be given an opportunity to man the plane’s guns and navigate it.

The show, which will air in January, was commissioned by C4 head of History Hamish Mykura. RDF head of history will executive produce.

Spitfire Ace, which aired on C4 in January, pitted four young pilots against each other. They competed for the right to undergo the same nine-hour training programme given to genuine Battle of Britain pilots. The show attracted an average audience of 2.4 million earlier this year.


“Four contestants will train in various aircraft”



18th Jun 2004, 08:48
Will they also be looking for applications from grandchildren of Dresden residents to act as targets?

18th Jun 2004, 09:27
That thought did actually cross my mind. There are some thorny morality issues about what Bomber Command did to German cities. I wonder how they will tackle this-it's not nearly as simple morally as Fighter Ace.

I am in the camp of beleiving that there should have been a Bomber Command medal.

On the other hand, war is bad. Don't start a war this weekend kids.