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15th Jun 2004, 10:32
Morning all,

Anyone have a clue what might be operating BA7983 LGW-BOD this coming sunday the 20th?

Just idle curiosity really, as I'll be on it.

Ta. Punter.

15th Jun 2004, 10:36
It WILL be a 737, whether it is a 300/400 or 500 depends on ops planning/pax load.
not forgetting serviceability, of course :D

Wannabe Flyboy
15th Jun 2004, 10:52
I believe it to be a -400.

15th Jun 2004, 11:22
Thx chaps, much obliged.


18th Jun 2004, 14:05
There is a BA charter flight scheduled to BOD on a 777 soon. The actual routing is LHR-BOD-JFK-BOD-LHR.

Porky Speedpig
24th Jun 2004, 11:33
Actually the charter flight is LHR-BOH-JFK etc. Bournemouth not Bordeaux!