View Full Version : SHUTTLEWORTH Evening (Twilight) Air display on 19th June

PPRuNe Pop
15th Jun 2004, 08:51
This is unusual and a chance for many on their way home for work or on earlies, perhaps, to take a visit to Old Warden to see our aircraft heritage take to the skies. Given a fine day it will be a fantastic event.

I 'think' it starts at 1800 and there is good food available in the lovely new restaurant and good beer in the beer tent (hut)!

Normal entrance fees apply.

15th Jun 2004, 12:10
I`m going to be there, anyone know if having a ticket for the evening display gets you into the place during the day. Fancy having a good nose around and then devoting the evening time to the air display.

15th Jun 2004, 12:39
I would dearly love to be there but have to be up at 0400 on Sunday - damn! Here's to warm and gentle weather Saturday evening (and a northerly breeze for my little jaunt on Sunday!)

Next time...

vintage ATCO
15th Jun 2004, 14:05

Yes, gates open at 1000.

You'll have to manage without me, I'm off to Colditz! :ok:
Send cake with file inside . . . . :cool:

Grandad Biggles
15th Jun 2004, 20:28
No aircraft movements are planned at the moment until 1400 so there is plenty of time to have a good look around.

Not sure of the exact time the display will start but probably around 1800
I will post again tomorrow to confirm.

Unless the forecasters are wrong again then the weather is looking good but a little cooler than of late. The wine should therefore be a perfect temperature for the evening picnic.

I wonder how many picnics with Candelabra there will be?
Seems like a good idea for maintaining a record. If I have time Iíll have a go at counting and post afterwards. Might recruit the Fire Crew to help.

Remember No Barbeques allowed though. Fire Crew like to play, beware!!

15th Jun 2004, 21:12
Can we fly in and camp by the aircraft!:D

Grandad Biggles
15th Jun 2004, 22:09
I do not see any reason why not but call 01767 627288 and pose the question there whilst getting your PPR approval.
Make sure you say that you wish to camp by your aircraft.
After the event is complete of course.

Grandad Biggles
16th Jun 2004, 11:30
Flying Display is due to start at 1830 local and finish around 2030 local, depending on the Edwardian aircraft.

Pilots should give some consideration if planning to depart after the display.
Sunset is 2125 local.

There is some accommodation available for Sunday at £29.50 for shared bathroom facilities and £49,50 for en-suite.
If you wish to make a reservation or require more info then call Tel 01767 626200

There are other hostelries also available locally

18th Jun 2004, 11:08
I might get down to the display but it depends on whether I can sneak down early tomorrow and join the SVAS and get into the main event cheaper.

Also whether I can persuade Mrs DeepC.

Who else is going to be there?


Rallye Driver
19th Jun 2004, 07:56
I'll be there today. The Flypast people are meeting up by the beer hut at 4.30. We could join them. I'll be wearing my Prune badge.

RD :ok:

19th Jun 2004, 10:00
I'll be there, as will Duxford Eagles among other habutes of this and the Flypast Forum.

May not make the muster at the beer tent, but I'll be about!


19th Jun 2004, 22:13
Missed the RV due to extended chat with complete and very friendly stranger. Best Hurricane and Spitfire display that I have ever seen under crowdline restrictions. Sad to see so many empty seats go flying for if they need a Bristol Fighter gunner, I am the one! To see the Lysander do a short field landing and actuallly pick somebody up would have been nice.

Top day out though, thankyou to all at Shuttleworth because I saw a LOT of busy people in addition to some excellent piloting skills. Delighted at seeing one pilot (hurricane I think) walk the flightline and give viewers plenty of his time.

Anyone see the tiger?