View Full Version : Another Cat coming back on line

Chuck Ellsworth
13th Jun 2004, 01:20
I am going to Amsterdam on th 16 th to do a few test flights and some crew training on a PBY that is finally ready to fly after many years of restoring.

It will be interesting for me because it was my very first waterbomber in 1972, last time I flew it was in 1974 / 75 when I took it to Santiago Chile and spent the summer ( in S. America ) fire bombing with it.

Anyhow it is nice to see people restoring these great old birds so they can continue to be displayed as flying examples of WW2 aircraft.

I will take pictures and post them here on my return.

Chuck E.

13th Jun 2004, 16:09
Gonna get paid first this time , Chuck ? ;)

Keep 'em flying :ok:.

Chuck Ellsworth
13th Jun 2004, 16:44
Well I guess we live and learn. :D

It is very, very unusual toget screwed by the people who own collectors airplanes because the community is so small.

It is even more unusual to get screwed out of an airfare. :D

However what goes around usually comes around, if a persons word is no good then sooner or later they lose.

I wonder how much money that guy lost by trying to intimidate me into doing something that would have been just to high a risk factor? Not to mention illegal.

And I sure would like to know how current and experienced my replacement was, because that was his threat, either I do as I was told or he would replace me with someone qualified to fly it.

Anyhow enough of that, I will keep you all advised on how the Holland Cat progresses.

And we will be doing water training my main reason for flying the Cat. :ok:

16th Jun 2004, 08:39
I've got this lovely dream of Chuck taking off in a Cat from North Weald, collecting a load of water from Hanningfield Res and then giving a water-bombing display - on the market!

(Sorry - I'll go back to sleep now)