View Full Version : EZY239 STN-EDI,11th June

12th Jun 2004, 10:11
I was a passenger on this flt,it was delayed for more than 3hrs apparently by the operating pilots calling sick just before boarding.The stby Capt&FO had to called in from Leicester and Belfast.Anyone have any info opn this.Please PM if you have to protect.

Nil further
12th Jun 2004, 11:15

Who told you that the operating pilots called in sick ?
It would be most un-usual occurence and i am not sure that info would be authorised for release in the public domain until ops management looked in to it.

V. Interested to hear where you got it from.
Im not EZY management .


12th Jun 2004, 11:27
I did not say they called in sick,they called sick from the cockpit prior to pax boarding.
NF PMd you

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