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8th Jun 2004, 05:13
Can anyone enlighten me about the meaning of the W/T marking usually found on the fin of British WW2 era aircraft?



8th Jun 2004, 11:21
I think it means 'Wireless Telegraphy' so it may refer equipment stowage or the presence of high-voltage aerials.

A work colleague of mine (long deceased now) who was a W/T operator on Sunderlands once told me the following tale.

On a Sunderland, the aerial wire ran from the fin to an aerial mast on the top of the fuselage. On day, an 'erk' was crossing the from one wing to the onther and rather than walk forwards and round the mast, he chose to swing his leg over the aerial wire. It was at this moment that my colleague decided to press the transmit button :( :confused: :uhoh: :{ :mad:
Well it was a HF set and there was a lot of volts coming out of it.

Orange Arm Waver
8th Jun 2004, 11:51
I thought it was a mark to show it had been tested or something against radio frequency interference....

9th Jun 2004, 10:01
It stands for "Wired Throughout"

I believe it shows that the various components are bonded together.


12th Jun 2004, 06:36

Thank you for your replies, much appreciated.