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PPRuNe Pop
7th Jun 2004, 13:46
This event is a charity weekend for the benefit of two charities. Very important charities.

The first is for children (what can be more important?) and the second is the Shuttleworth Trust - also important - but I am sure they do not see it that way. Indeed, they 'do a deal' for the use of the airfield!

This event has raised huge sums of money in the past and the result has been money going to children's much needed medical charities.

A few years ago, an overseas member of dHMC (THE TEAGUE CHALLENGE) started a scheme whereby club members can sponsor a Tiger Moth ride for a young person. This year, so far, 45 young people will benefit from the scheme from Bridgewater School, Berkhamsted, Hitchin Scouts, and Onslow-St. Audrey’s School, Hatfield so we should see some smiles!

Anyway, trips in a Tiger cost £55 and they will fly anyone. This is cheap I reckon, and as an ex-Tiger Pilot I think I can claim to know, but the aeroplane brings such enormous pleasure to most people it is simply worth the price just to sit in it! Let alone fly in it.

Give the event support and tell your friends about it. If the weather is half as good as it was yesterday it will be a fantastic day out.

Another point worth think about - if you are a family. Not sure much is made of this, but Old Warden lends itself to a family day out with a picnic. A tailgate champagne party even. There is a great restaurant now and ice cream stall. Nice friendly people - what more could you want.

Go for it and have fun.


8th Jun 2004, 18:31
Is the airfield open to everyone or only those taking part? If not then I'll pop in and have a look.


vintage ATCO
8th Jun 2004, 18:59
Yes, the airfield is open to everyone, lots of flying both days. Normal charges apply to enter the museum, free to SVAS members of course! :D

I have not had it confirmed but there is the possibility of the DH Heron landing on the Sunday. After all, it's a four engined Moff. :p :cool:

vintage ATCO
11th Jun 2004, 09:43
Confirmed the Heron should be arriving about 1000 on Sunday. It will not be doing passenger flights alas but should be a sight to behold on the ground at Old Warden :D

11th Jun 2004, 10:16
Sadly I probably wont get there as Mrs Fence deserves some Husband time.

12th Jun 2004, 19:30
Had a lovely saturday afternoon in the sunshine watching what was for all intents and puposes an idyllic 30's flying club.

The weather was perfect for photography with the sun behind and alternate blue sky, white fluffy clouds, towering white monstrosities and then black storm clouds.

One of the Moths had a slight prang with a fence but that was soon put right with the help of the fire crew and hand rejigging of the cowling.

Will try and put some pictures up when I get them back from Fuji.

Good stuff.


vintage ATCO
12th Jun 2004, 19:39
Crosswind was a bit iffy at first hence the late start. Tomorrow looks better. I'll be there early for the 'heavy' arrival. :D

12th Jun 2004, 20:00
Yes. When I got up this morning and felt the wind my mind immediately went to the thread in 'private flying' re: Moths in a Crosswind.

VintageATCO, Were you about today? I didn't recognise any PPRuNers.

The Leopard Moth was a beauty. The sun shining off it's bare metal propellor when it was spinning looked cool. It was great to see the Moths all resplendent in their superclean paintwork with any bare metal reflecting the scene.


vintage ATCO
12th Jun 2004, 20:18
VintageATCO, Were you about today? I didn't recognise any PPRuNers.

Yes, chained in the tower as usual. Moth people don't tend to be PPRuNers.

The Leopard Moth is based at Henlow; the pilot's wife has one too!

Rallye Driver
13th Jun 2004, 05:32
Had a flight in a Chippie and a Moth. Great fun.

To take off from Old Warden sitting in an open cockpit and look across between the wings to see a village green bathed in sunlight with a cricket match being played epitomised all the best we experience as flyers.

Thanks to everyone who helped to organise this marvellous day.

RD :ok:

13th Jun 2004, 13:02
yes, had a good day out yesterday. i will never be able to afford to fly so this is my once a year chance to fly in a vintage aircraft!

i have now flown 3 times in the same tiger with the same pilot, stuart beattie. he is an excellent pilot and keeps you well informed of everything that is going on, thanks stuart!

14th Jun 2004, 06:59
I took a slight detour off my route on Sunday morning to see if the 'Heavy' hads landed. As it was I was able to watch it turn on to finals and land over the bonnet of my car. Very glad to see it get down ok. Later driving back (again a slight detour) I saw it depart.

Cracking weather again.


vintage ATCO
7th Jul 2004, 16:51
I don't know precise figures but the following charities will benefit from the dHMC Charity Flying Weekend:

Diabetes UK Research Fund (in memory of Steve Barnes - see ATC Forum)
The Faulkes Flying Foundation
Great Ormond Street Hospital Children's Charity
The John Cunningham Bell Fund
Royal Air Force Benevolent Fund
The Royal Bournemouth and Christchurch Hospitals' Jigsaw Appeal
The Shuttleworth Collection
The Tavistock Trust for Aphasia

Lots of young people had a chance to fly in a Tiger Moth thanks to the generosity of dHMC members under the umbrella of The Teague Challenge

7th Jul 2004, 17:43
As a PPruner and (groundbound) member of the dH Moth Co, I beg to differ to Vintage Atco's statement - and he's a dark horse member of both too!

Didn't make the Moth day, but on return from Canada I intended to be at the best weekend outside OW - the Moth gathering at Woburn. If you can, go...


vintage ATCO
7th Jul 2004, 19:32
You've lost me there, JDK . . . . . :confused:


8th Jul 2004, 12:40
I think that JDK was referring to your "Moth people don't tend to be PPRuNers" comment earlier on in the thread, vintage ATCO

8th Jul 2004, 14:32
But surely PPRuNe people - particularly those who frequent AH&N - do tend to be Mothists (and, please, not Mothers as they are sometimes unfortunately described! (think about it!))