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6th Jun 2004, 16:49
am writing a little technical report on aysemetric flight - could somebody please help me with the following questions

1) during aysemtric flight the rudder is deflected a little futher does the aircraft turn about the CofG or the CofP or some other point ?

2) to maximise performance ie RofC and / or AofC would a pilot need to configure the aircraft for zero sideslip ?

3)if 2 above is true is zero sideslip simpply the most aerodynamically efficent way of producing the necceary forces and moments to overcome the unbalanced thrust during aysemetric flight

4) on say a B 55 would a length of yarn taped to the nose along the longditudinal axis be a "true and fair" indicator of sideslip

thanks any help much apprecieated

6th Jun 2004, 17:03
Several notes on asymmetric flight - Turboprop PSM+ICR, Asymmetric Flight (http://uk.geocities.com/[email protected]/alf5071h.htm)