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17th Oct 2001, 22:52
Many of the pilots in our company have been disadvantaged by an aggreement between the airline and the plc. The company offer was fair and reasonable (in the present awful climate) but the plc negotiated a deal to look after their chums. Also it looks as if it was negotiated to settle old scores.
I have been told that when this happened at Danair a group of pilots successfully sued the Union and its reps.
I have been advised that the actions of the reps is unfair and unreasonable.By intentionally disadvantaging a group against the wishes of the group and the company they can be sued individually along with the union.
Could someone from that Danair group confirm this and give me some advice and perhaps provide a legal contact.
Does anyone else have knowledge of similar actions and could you give me some details.

17th Oct 2001, 23:32
If it is not too stupid a question to ask, who is the employer with which the plc have done this dodgy deal with ??

Why was the deal so bad? Is it because it favours the few that you talk of ?

I know some of the people who were in Dan-Air at that time. It could take me a while to get the answer, but as soon as I can I will reply if someone not more directly involved answers first.

Best of Luck.

22nd Oct 2001, 22:54
Your reply is appreciated. Colleagues have explained that Danair pilots sued BA not Balpa or the PLC.
Does anyone know if Balpa, a PLC, or individual reps have been sued either successfully or unsuccessfully?

Dan Winterland
23rd Oct 2001, 00:43
Beware. A lot of things changed with the Employment Rights Act of 1996. The principle on which the Dan Air pilots successfully sued BA may not be valid now.