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3rd Jun 2004, 21:54
Hi everybody,
can anybody could tell me if on the dc-9 or on any jetairplane there is a limitation concerning the fuel temperature, i am not talking about negative temperature but positive (+ 20, + 30 for exemple) i didn't find anything on the Douglass book . Thanks


Flight Detent
4th Jun 2004, 12:40
Hi Learr,

The 737s I know have a fuel temp probe in all three main tanks, the P5 fuel panel has an indicator and three tank selectors, (for the probes), including a fuel overheat light for each tank.
The maximum fuel temperature is advertised as +49 degC.

I believe the Classic B747 has the same limitation temp!

Cheers: suspect:

5th Jun 2004, 12:21
Thanks for your reply.


7th Jun 2004, 21:42
I worked on B747-200/300 and remember the fuel temp gauge but do not remember any temp limitation,and this was in Spain with ambient temps often 45c and above and the fuel temp gauge reading off the scale.

Flight Detent
8th Jun 2004, 04:26
Hi Matkat,

I have around 5,000 hours B747 Classic, all four models, but that was some time ago, and I don't have a clear memory of all the details.

As I remember it, the Classic had three engine varients, P&W, GE and RR. I seem to remember the P&W the only one that had the fuel temperature gauge, used for monitoring the operation of the fuel heaters, when used inflight.
The other two engine types didn't have a gauge, simply because the engine pre-heated the fuel all the time!

Anyway, I also spent quite some time operating out of Baraccas, (spelling!), at Madrid, and loved everything except the taxi drivers and the consulate rep in London, who always seemed to be thinking that I wanted to live permanently (illegally) in Spain, and made it difficult to get entry visas, but I'm Australian, so that won't happen!