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3rd Jun 2004, 17:53
Hi im off to Tenerife on 25th June on a Friday night flight. The flight number is JKK however in the brochure it says it is MYT and i also depart at 22:00 hours and return at 7am the following week on the Saturday morning. Who am i flying with and is there an error.

3rd Jun 2004, 18:04
This (http://www.wajb.freeserve.co.uk/icaoj.htm) site shows it to be 'Spanair'. Presumably a MYT sub-charter.

3rd Jun 2004, 18:07
Any idea on the aircaft type, im hearing its an MD83 however a few are saying A320.

Im flying from Teesside.

3rd Jun 2004, 18:18
The airline is Spanair pretty sure it will be the MD83 unless it goes tech....then you will have to walk!! It is a MYT sub which is normal out of MME this season as there is no MYT based A/C...well there never has been except SSV. Have a good flight!

3rd Jun 2004, 18:22
What are the Spanair MD83s like. Only been on an Airtours one.

3rd Jun 2004, 21:00
The MD83's are fine, just a big slim tube, reminds me a bit of myself! Can't remember any form of entertainment at all, apart from the lovely Spanish ladies serving the drinks!

Don't be alarmed if smoke starts piling in from the Air Conditioning Vents all along the top of the cabin, it's happened on every JKK MD83 I've been on! It's when it starts piling in from the front of cabin I'd start a blind panic!

Enjoy your flight!!


3rd Jun 2004, 21:34
What are the Spanair MD83s like. Only been on an Airtours one. Just like the Airtours one except that the FAs will say "Buenos Dias" instead of "Eee oop love" !

4th Jun 2004, 06:14
Just wondering whats the MD83s capacaity and speed.
I remember it having 5 abreast on the Airtours one, but im not sure if that was a one off.

4th Jun 2004, 07:44

4th Jun 2004, 19:26
Hey Tommy,
Please check your PMs.

5th Jun 2004, 05:50
Is there inflight entertainment on board. It is the 21st century so if there isnt it wont be to good, unless i can listen to my mini disk.
Also are the crew English or Spanish, because im thinking if they are using MyTravel staff for the flights.

9th Jun 2004, 23:30
MD83 and Inflight entertainment?? NOOOOOOO !!!

Spanair are looking at getting rid of those things not investing in them... The only entertainment you will get is some Blonde sweidish number walking up the aisle...

Sure the furthest you are going with them is the Canarys so just sleep for the four hours.. :o)

10th Jun 2004, 10:59
There not that old though, the were only built in 1989 so they have about another 10 years in the skies.

10th Jun 2004, 12:12
Tommyinyork... Thats true and they were a fantastic aircraft when built but looking at them now they are a bit dodgy... Not to mention that the likes of SK and AZ are phasing them out too which in turn is going to make it a little bit difficult to source out station maintenence...
They are ideal for the likes of MAD-ACE/LPA/FUE/TFS/N but for the golf / student charters they are putting them on is just mere suicide really... They are a nose heavy Aircraft and on top of that space isnt one of their virtues... However.. Enjoy your trip and with any luck the weather will be better than home :o)


About a year ago there was a JK MD out on a remote stand in DUB and the skipper having a smoke standing at the door to the Aircraft then proceeded to flcik it away onto the apron unaware that he was being watched by the local Police... Nice little fine he picked up there :o)

10th Jun 2004, 12:17
Bloody MD83s are the bain of my life.

I should explain. I work on checkin at PIK and trying to explain to a hard ass glasgow family that i cant seat them 4 in a row cos that would leave a single is not fun!!

I mean who ever thought it would be a good idea to put 5 seats in a row!!

Phew that felt good.

10th Jun 2004, 13:16
Cant they use a Boeing 717 on charter flight?
Thats a more up to date version of an MD83 and ive heard there not bad planes at all.

surely not
10th Jun 2004, 14:44
Tommy the 717 is a much smaller aircraft and doesn't have the economics of the MD83.

Just start getting used to the facts that it is an MD83; no in-flight entertainment; Spanish crew; it's a MYT Tour operator flight operated by Spanair; the aircraft is quite capable of getting you safely there and back.

Have ag good holiday


11th Jun 2004, 08:28
I will be happy if i can listen to my minidisk on the aircraft, im not to bothered about TV because all airlines show these days on flights is The Vicor of Dibley. Its music that i need.
Does anyone know what take off feels like on a MD83 because when i have been on a A320, A321 and 757 take offs have been quite poweful however when been on an A330 and 777 take off hasnt been so powerful.
What is the MD83s take off speed.

11th Jun 2004, 12:04
Hi Tommy

The speed an aircraft uses for take-off is different on every flight. It is based on a series of calculations involving (among other things) the aircraft weight, configuration and performance as well as aspects of the weather such as the pressure and temperature at the time. A pilot would be able to give you a much more detailed explanation than this. The power used for take off would also vary depending on all of the above as well as the runway length and the requirements to clear any obstructions with an engine out - again, pilots will explain this in much greater detail and with more accuracy: You may find it helpful to post in the Questions forum for a fuller explanation.

Most aircraft will use the lowest safe power setting for take-off given the prevailing conditions on the day - often known as a reduced thrust or derated power setting. This reduces engine wear and therefore extends engine life. It is uncommon for an aircraft to use full power on take-off.

The MD83 may not be the newest aircraft in the world, but it is a fairly successful, well established type (not dodgy!) - and any "nose-heaviness" will be safely trimmed out for flight. I'm sure that it will be a straight forward, slightly dull flight - enjoy your hols!

Boss Raptor
11th Jun 2004, 12:19
Spanair operation = good, very professional use them all the time on Spanish domestic services

MD83 = good

Quieter in flight than a B737-300/A320 or similar with the rear mounted engines except if you are in the last 4 rows

However Spanair also have the A320 and A321 so might turn out to be one of those

Spanair are also in Star Alliance

B717's are used by Ae Bal out of PMI, not Spanair mainline but a subsiduary and not used on Spanair charter services

Final 3 Greens
11th Jun 2004, 14:41

The heavier aircraft, such as triple sevens and 330s generally feel to accelerate a little less sparkingly than the narrow bodies.

This is partly because of the greater mass, but also partly an illusion due to you sitting further away from the ground - ie higher.

As a rough guess, your MD83 will take off at about 165-180mph.

It may feel to climb quite steeply, if you are sitting further back, as the cabin is long and narrow - I guess that is an optical illusion.

But don't worry, I've flown 000s of miles in them as a pax, the most recent flight being in November last year - they are an aeroplane with a great record and I'd happily go on one tomorrow.

By the way, sometimes airlines can be a bit funny about using minidisks, 'cos they have lasers in them - if your music is so important, I'd be inclined to record a few music cassettes and take an old cassette player, just to be safe.

Have a great trip and holiday.

11th Jun 2004, 16:04
Final 3 Greens you're quite right about the climb - it's not an illusion - a twin engined a/c will usually outclimb a 3 or 4 engined a/c.

Final 3 Greens
11th Jun 2004, 16:29

I was using the term "climb" loosely as Tommy is obviously not a pilot (yet), but what I really mean is pitch angle, which in reality will be different to the climb gradient.

As you say, licensing considerations mean that a twin will tend to outperform a tri or four jet, until one stops ;)

Still it feels very steep at the back of that long tube though :}, with no C class dividers to block the view - the damn things a re slightly longer than a 321 if I recall (not a spotter, honestly!)

Boss Raptor
11th Jun 2004, 17:26
MD80 series - length 45.1m

A321 - length 44.51m

I didnt know that until F3G mentioned it

The MD80 series in my own technical/operational experience as an operator is one of the best built aircraft around, build quality and longevity of systems/structure are miles (or km's) ahead of new Airbus or Boeing products as is its' performance (or at least equal, certainly much better per $ capital investment)

It is good old technology that works and will have at least another 15-20 years viable future with the new Stage 4 hushkits that actually reduce consumption and increase engine life (by reducing the operating temperatures and increase thrust, something to do with higher flow co-efficient i.e how easily the air comes thru the engine

Pprune Spotters Club Badge No. 5 - lifetime honorary membership :ok:

PS. The Spanair girls are luvly :D

Final 3 Greens
11th Jun 2004, 17:34
Thanks for confirming that boss - I thought it said something like that in the Alitalia in flight mag!

I had accidentally packed my novel and was hard up for reading at the time - honest :O

11th Jun 2004, 17:48
Are you able to use cassette players on board aircraft.
I dont mind using one of them, i dont care about having tv all i need is some music to relax to.
Do MD80s also have a rear exit and is it true the aircraft has its own staircase without the aiport having to use a truck thingy.

Boss Raptor
11th Jun 2004, 18:15

Yes...it has a rear airstair and usually a forward (side front entrance) airstair like many other aircraft of its size which folds in under the forward door...

In an emergency the whole tailcone can be jettisoned to aid evacuation thru the rear exit - look for the 45' body line just aft of the engines - now not a lot of people know that Michael! :E

PS. just dont pull the emergency handle which is in the cabin above the rear doorframe as I recall as you wont be very popular...pull, clang, 'sh1t' etc. :cool:

PPS. F3G dont lie to yourself, come to terms with your 'spotting' cravings you know you want to, you know it makes sense ;)

12th Jun 2004, 17:11
The take off will be loud.

Compared to the current generation of modern twins, it has a hint of the 'classic' airliner sound about it. Sort of like a Ryanair 732.

14th Jun 2004, 12:08
I thought the MD83 was quiet.
Is take off quite powerful, does it push you back in your seat.
I know take off on an Airbus A320,A321 and Boeing 757 take offs push your back however take offs on a Boeing 777 and Airbus A330 seem to be more gentle.
Also can i use a cassett on board the plane.

15th Jun 2004, 08:43
All i want to know is can i use a cassette on the flight.

15th Jun 2004, 12:49
A "cassette"??? Yes, I believe so. And also a windup gramophone if you wish... :)

You may find older people around you using strange devices known as CD, and most people under 40 or so using something called an MP3 player. But perhaps these things haven't made it as far as York yet?

15th Jun 2004, 13:05
You can not use Minidisks and CD players on board aircraft.

15th Jun 2004, 13:52
Generally it is any electronic device. Guess the wind up gramophone could come in handy.;)

15th Jun 2004, 16:06
Tommyinyork: You can not use Minidisks and CD players on board aircraft. Actually, you can on most airlines. The only restriction is the initial climb out and on approach, but the cabin crew will usually be fairly explicit about when you must not used them. CDs are fine in the cruise, I've spent many hours using mine.

15th Jun 2004, 18:51
Well i remember my dad once using a video camara on an Air Malta 737-200 from LBA 11 years ago on take off and again on a BY 767-300 on route from Gerona to Manchester 8 years ago.
So i could use my camara this time maybe.

16th Jun 2004, 03:24
Tommy, did this thred not start because you were travelling JKK and were expecting a MYT flt and if the JKK MD's had inflight entertainment?

I think your milking this a bit now..

Final 3 Greens
16th Jun 2004, 06:33

Here's some info from the Spanair website

"The use of electronic appliances in not permitted on board for security reasons. Please remember the use of any of these appliances can interfere with the aircrafts communications and navigation systems. Electronic appliances should always remain switched off.

P Mobile telephones should always be switched off while you are on board.
P Radio equipment.
P Compact disc players.
P Remote controlled games.
P Personal computers.
P Television sets or portable video recorders.
P Cordless microphones.
P Pocket ventilators.
P Shaving machines.

In case of doubt, please consult the cabin crew."

I think that you will find that they class mini disk as a CD player, because it uses a laser reader. The statement is ambiguous concerning cassettes, it doesn't specify them, but it also says "Electronic appliances should always remain switched off" - so maybe you need to email them to clairfy and also pack a good book


16th Jun 2004, 08:20
God this airline really does suck. What do they expect me to do for 4 and a half hours. Sit down and do nothing. At least listening to a cassette is allowed anyway.
I hope they use an A320 or A321, nothing agaisnt the MD83 but entertainment is essential on flights above 2 hours.

16th Jun 2004, 10:25
Ermmm, I appreciate that this forum is aviation based and all but Tommy I need to raise one concern.... Your going on holidays dude... Inflight entertainment is handy and all but any charter flight I have ever gone on I have to say I havent really been bothered about it.... It's the Trans Atlantic / Pacific sectors that its handy for... Just go and enjoy your holiday dude... Drink in excess and have a good time.. And for the flight over and back? A good book.. Or even the JK AHM if you can get your hands on it :)

surely not
16th Jun 2004, 10:46
No don't read the JKK AHM, you'll only come back and ask loads more questions!!!!!!

16th Jun 2004, 15:25

Are you the kid from 'Uncle Buck'? What is your record for consecutive questions?

You're starting to get just a little obsessive and it ain't healthy.

I've noticed your input on several threads now. If you want to get into the aviation industry as you have stated, please try to develop some personal characteristics that may actually endear you to your potential future colleagues rather than driving them up the wall with constant "What does this do?" type questions.

Whilst I am sure you mean well, you are going to drive people nuts if you are like this in person.

16th Jun 2004, 17:28
Tommyinyork: What do they expect me to do for 4 and a half hours. Sit down and do nothing. ... entertainment is essential on flights above 2 hours.Said like a true member of the MTV generation? :D What's wrong with a newspaper, a magazine or a good book? All virtually guaranteed to be available at the airport before you board.

16th Jun 2004, 21:49
Thank you, Globalizer.

There's also that enjoyable pastime called "looking out the window." Oh, yes -- and sometimes even "talking with other passengers."

For me, I consider that any airline that gets me safely from one place to another in less than 24 hours doesn't suck. Amenities, etc., are all gravy, albeit often really delicious. What I care about are safety and expertise.

I'm just old enough to remember that as a child I was thrilled by the prospect of travelling to another city, country, maybe another continent, in only a few hours. Across mountains, rivers, oceans... and you know what? It still thrills me. I get on in one city and land in another. There is something magical about the notion of air travel to me... even going to familiar destinations over and over. You FLY THROUGH THE AIR!!! And that notion will never bore me.

Try sitting for a few hours quietly, maybe meditate... start writing a journal. No cassettes, no movie, just ambient sounds -- the engines, people conversing -- it's lovely!

People who must wear headphones all the time so they can pipe pre-selected music into their brains are missing real life!

A flight and a vacation at the same time -- can't recall when the last time was I got to enjoy that wonderful combination. Why aren't you thrilled and grateful?

16th Jun 2004, 23:14

Is this where we all hug the FWD gear before boarding?


19th Jun 2004, 22:36

Can't decide between two answers.

(1) Might be a bit greasy. But we can certainly all join hands, circle the plane and sing.

(2) Yes.

Take your pick.

Boss Raptor
20th Jun 2004, 09:35
Need IFE 'essential over 2 hours'?!

God what did we do before IFE, as above...read, look out the window and listen to our precious new Sony Walkman 'Cassette' Player...

Maybe you'd like to pay extra on yr ticket to justify the airline paying the ridiculous cost of an IFE system (and the ongoing media on it) which goes from $000's to $millions for the system :cool:

Sorry diverting from the thread :E

Just been on a DC9-32 '1Time.aero' and a 'Kulula.com' MD83 in SA :ok:

Wheel hugging bit OTT, gentle pat on the fuselage and/or a blessing from a priest, rabii, monk is quite sufficient ;)

20th Jun 2004, 09:52
Some IFE equipment is a confounded nuisance the way the necessary control gear has been sited under the seat in front of you (generally on the aisle seats), taking away the legroom of the pax in those seats. I'd much rather have the legroom.

Tommy, just for your info I often need to go to the Far East or Australia and I never even take the headsets out of their packaging. I always have the Airshow on, but that's it.

20th Jun 2004, 21:19
I'm all confused now.....

Next time I see an JK MD83 on the ramp ( which will be thursday ) do I hug the FWD gear, have all the staff / crew / PAX join hands and circle the A/C ( of course clearing the wings and a good distance from the AFT ) or just pat the fuselage for good luck for all the boys and girls off to AGP... I'll have to let you all know the outcome of that one :)

BrightonGirl.... No disrespect.. Just having a bit of fun :)

21st Jun 2004, 20:11
I don't see why we'd have to clear the wings -- except for those people who are considerably taller than I am.

Just realized that if the plane is boarded through one of those tunnel-like things (sorry, can't remember the word for them; I know that in Spanish, it 's the Sp word for "worm", but that's no help here) -- well, it's going to be hard to do that circle.

So we must plan an alternate activity. Perhaps a gentle pat would have to do. We must approach this on a plane-by-plane basis.

No disrespect sensed whatsoever, DUBXH. I consider you my partner now in the proper expression of respect for the plane.

2nd Jul 2004, 06:42
Wow, never knew one question could expand so much and last so long!

Anyway I've only flown on an MD82 once with Airtours and was only 6 but ever since I saw it, I think it's the most beautiful aircraft flying today. The tail is just super. :-) It is the aircraft I fly most in FS9.

4th Jul 2004, 07:27
A question about the crew, were they English because one of them had a very broad English accent and well you could just tell she was 100% English.
Another question is that what would have happened to the Airtours MD83 crew when they got rid of the MD83s, did any of them go work for Spanair?

Boss Raptor
4th Jul 2004, 08:37
Some of the staff are English but resident in Spain (not many), rest usually speak reasonable/good English

None of the ex Airtours MD83's to my knowledge ended up with Spanair - all were returned to Leasing companies, mainly GECAS, that owned them and are now with other airlines all over

4th Jul 2004, 08:52
Are the Spanair staff at Teesside living in the UK for a few months while the MD83 is based at Teesside.
As for the English stewardess, she was definatley English and she looked very much like Angela Jolie, very good looking and one of the reasons i enjoyed my flight.

29th Aug 2004, 00:34
I can only assume having had the Teeside MD in with me a few times this season that she is on the ground from Monday to Wed/Thu so I would assume JK follow the normal practice of positioning their crew in.