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Jorge Newberry
2nd Jun 2004, 10:17
On June 10 I am on Iberia 3183 (Dublin-Madrid) and then Iberia 6841 Madrid-Buenos Aires.

Does anyone know if checking in really early in Dublin will improve my chances of getting an exit seat on the Madrid-Buenos Aires leg? Or will they have all been long since given to grannies with gammy hips or grossly obese septic tanks?

And if I should be so lucky to offered a choice of exit seats which would be the best one? I mean in terms of not being beside the bog/galley etc.


Boss Raptor
2nd Jun 2004, 13:29
Leg room on Iberia is good anyway...far better than most other carriers

Dont know if u can because never bothered on IB before but try calling reservations and pre-reserving yr choice of seats

If u cant then neither can others - and you will check in at DUB long before the MAD pax so u could well be lucky on the day - just make sure DUB check in do the appropriates and issue yr boarding card for the next sector - if they can and you are not left to the transfer desk at MAD

2nd Jun 2004, 18:08
Hey mate...
Im a former Aer Lingus Check In agent at Dublin and I used to check in Iberia all the time! Youll have no problem getting your boarding card as its done via the IATCI checkin system but aerlingus dont get a proper seat plan from iberia, theyre merely told what seat numbers are available but their not told which seats are the bulkhead/exit/bassinettes etc etc. If Iberia are anything like most airlines the exit and bulkhead seats are reserved for the aircrafts actual point of departure which is obviously madrid in this case and you should ask when you get to madrid for it. This is so the ground staff can actually make sure they go to someone who deserves them...eg very tall person/ people with babies or their own friends and colleagues (chuckle)!!! But good look cos Iberia arent the nicest of people in Madrid and its very difficult to get them to do anything down there!
Just saying this from experience as both someone whos worked in cooperation with them down there and as a passenger passing through Madrid....shame you cant make the connection out of BCN cos theyre actually very nice there!!!
Enjoy your trip and say hi to the Aer Lingus Checkin agents for me!!!
T :ok: