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1st Jun 2004, 22:54
Hi All,

First post here, so I'll share some of my phptos from Southend Airport's open days this past Sunday and Monday.






































Sorry for any people on 56K - hope they were worth the wait! :p

The Swinging Monkey
2nd Jun 2004, 07:17
oops sorry, DanielB!!!
Fantastic shots as always, my compliments.
Good to see you back old sport!

Kind regards
The Swinging Monkey

2nd Jun 2004, 07:41

I think you need to apologise to Damien, this is Certainly NOT him!!
There is no comparison.

2nd Jun 2004, 07:47
Indeed - there is no comparison at all!

Mind you - if you mistake my photos taken on a 2.1MP Olympus for photos that are for sale, taken on the best part of 3 grands worth of professional camera equipment, it's quite a compliment. Thankyou. :)

2nd Jun 2004, 07:53
Think if I was standing on the top wing of a Stearman I'd want a cuddle from a gorgeous blonde as well - did she go with him?:p

And I take it that's nolt Bill Giles the weatherman...

2nd Jun 2004, 07:59
Hes not confusing the pictures just the DB in the user name.

Dont get carried away.

2nd Jun 2004, 08:17
I'm not getting carried away - I'm reading what's infront of me.

If you wish to continue this personal agenda, then please do it via PM or e-mail. If you have nothing nice to say, then don't bother saying anything at all.

Anyhow, treadigraph, that is the Airport Manager on the Stearman. He went up alone on the wing, and was joined by a colleague. Upon their arrival, the airport staff scrambled fire trucks and other emergency crew down the runway after the plane had landed as a prank on the manager! :E

2nd Jun 2004, 08:29
Ooo Hark at him, 3 posts and hes telling people what to do.

What was written in front of you was another user welcoming DamienB back to the board, apart from the copyright in small lettering you havent yet denied that you are him have you? Merely taken the plaudits based on another persons previous hard work.

Its not all about the money spent on equipment as you well know. There is a certain amount of talent and hard graft involved in getting good shots as well. To bear a grudge (as you have done on other boards as well as here) because other people have more expensive equipment than you is childish dont you think?

You have proved yourself wrong with what you have published. Lose the chip of your shoulder and post away. Your pictures speak for themselves.

2nd Jun 2004, 08:37
If you are going to insult me... do it properly!

Like I said before, do this via PM, or do it alone. I'm not argueing with you here, so you might aswell not bother trying.

You want it when?
2nd Jun 2004, 08:40
Great shots Daniel, ignore the whiners! Did the Vulcan taxi? And if so did you get any more shots of her?

Thanks for sharing.

2nd Jun 2004, 08:42
The only person who is whining is Daniel. Others are being constructive.

2nd Jun 2004, 08:46
The Vulcan didn't taxi, because she's having her brakes overhauled. She will taxi later this year though.

I've got some more pics of her - I'll post them later as I'm off out to Heathrow for the day now.

Glad you like the pics, :)


2nd Jun 2004, 08:50
I dont hide behind PM's. If I have something to say I do it here.

Oh and I have just passed you a compliment but you are too blind to see it.

LN Strike Weasel
2nd Jun 2004, 09:36
Danny boy - why are you posting here on proon, which you have previously described as 'full of wankers and arselickers'?

Carruthers would be most upset to be described as such.

Are you really going to continue to hang onto another's coat-tails to try and make a name for yourself? Silly child.

PPRuNe Pop
2nd Jun 2004, 10:20
STOP!!!!! Back off.

If you want to slag each other off do it via e-mail or PM - NOT on these pages. Hope that is quite clear. NOT on these pages. We have had enough bickering and I will not tolerate another bout of it.

However, DanielB, I do believe that you could have chosen a more suitable user name! I am sure you get my point. But, they are good pictures.


2nd Jun 2004, 11:17
Love the shots. Some interesting angles there on the statics.... makes a change from the normal boring shots you see from a lot of people.

2nd Jun 2004, 11:20
Leave the poor bugger alone. These are good pictures, and the cretin who posted "There is no comparison" is just plain rude. There's nothing worse than a forum where people's work is belittled - be grateful that people are willing to post for YOUR enjoyment.

And can someone please clear up who this Damien chap is, as I am a professional aviation photograper and have never heard of him, or come across his pictures!

2nd Jun 2004, 11:42
Great pics ....Thanks for sharing .

I wouldnt mind getting utterly butterly with the Girls :ooh:

2nd Jun 2004, 11:55
Very nice images DanielB - thanks for posting. Please post more of your shots!

2nd Jun 2004, 14:25
Is this thread a record for the number of brand new posters?

Makes you think or is that just the cynic in me?!

2nd Jun 2004, 15:43
First time posters,

I think the shots are great but find the 'assault' on PPRuNe a little bit distasteful. If you are trying to settle old scores or something please find somewhere else to do it.

Aviation History & Nostalgia tends towards the more laid back side of things, A kind of lazy day at Old Warden type atmosphere.

Please don't spoil it.


The Swinging Monkey
2nd Jun 2004, 15:57
DanielB and others,

I fear I may owe you an apology for kicking off this little debarkle.
If so, then I apologise unreservedly. I do genuinely think your photos are first class, and their style etc is very reminicent of the other siad person.

There most certainly never any intent to criticise in any way, and if I have caused offence then I'm sorry.

Please keep posting the photos, they really are very good

Kind regards
The Swinging Monkey

ps Pops, thanks for bringing everyone back down to earth!

PPRuNe Pop
2nd Jun 2004, 16:54
The 'assault' on PPRuNe was outrageously obvious and I have dealt with it.

But as DeepC rightly says the AH&N forum is an example of nice people getting together and enjoying the old and new days. I intend to keep it that way.

DeepC, see you on Sunday?

2nd Jun 2004, 20:11
Sorry about all the fuss this has sparked off - just wanted to share my photos after speaking with a friend about this forum at the weekend.

My username is my name, I didnt't register to wind anybody up, I'm registered at several other forums under this username.

Anyhow, thanks to all for the praise re the photos. The guy who requested more Vulcan shots shall have them tonight, I'm just back from LHR and once I've sorted through those pics, I'll post your extra Vulcan pics here. I've got some of last year's taxi run if you're interested aswell.

Once again, I apologise for the way this thread has gone, and hope I can continue to share my photos here.

2nd Jun 2004, 21:44
You've got nothing to apologise for. Just rise above the petty sniping and keep on posting your pics for our enjoyment.
Good pictures, and thanks for posting them.

Speaking for myself, I think your "copyright in small lettering" is just right. A little modesty makes a refeshing change.

An 'oldish' poster. ;)

2nd Jun 2004, 22:19
Vulcan pics, as requested. Sorry - hard to get a clean pic of her because of all the clutter behind, so I only went for closeups.





2nd Jun 2004, 22:36
The photos are good StrikeEagle, but why perpetuate the myth of the Olympus when you mentioned on UKAR that you'd borrowed a 10D - I'd hazard that many of these were from Steve's 10D.

Not that it matters a great deal, but you were the one who made the comment about the 3 grand's worth of kit.

Why try to mislead, unless it served another purpose? You could have made a greater impact without this silliness.


2nd Jun 2004, 22:41
Yep, you're absolutely spot on. I did borrow Steve's 10D on the Sunday, and lovely it is too.

I made the point about the Olymus, because these were taken on my Olympus. Nothing here is from the 10D - I haven't even seen the pics from the 10D myself yet. The only person who has is, funnily enough, Steve.

2nd Jun 2004, 23:06
STOP!!!!! Back off.

If you want to slag each other off do it via e-mail or PM - NOT on these pages. Hope that is quite clear. NOT on these pages. We have had enough bickering and I will not tolerate another bout of it. Which part of PPRuNe Pop's post didn't you understand?
Some photographers have been posting for longer than others, but new members are very welcome - the more the better.

Welcome to Pprune. We look forward to seeing more of your excellent photographs.
BTW, don't feel you have to justify yourself or respond to every silly comment made. Most people just want to enjoy interesting aviation photographs and have no interest in whatever 'politics' lie behind some of the comments posted.

Super Moderator

2nd Jun 2004, 23:36
Thankyou for the warm welcome Heliport. :)

You want it when?
3rd Jun 2004, 07:35
Thanks for the additional Vulcan pictures Daniel!

3rd Jun 2004, 08:14

Why don't you post some helo pictures in the Rotorheads forum. Check out the Competition that's on at the moment. Your Jetranger pics won't go with the sort of pics you get in Rotorheads, but your military pics and some of your police helo pics would. The Rotorheads Round the World thread is the biggest and best collection of helo pics on the web with pics by pro and amateur photogrtaphers and there's no politics, no fuss about usernames, nobody's heard of DamienB and no big ego battles.
Anyways, even if some folk think you and DamienB are the same person it don't matter a t*ss unless it bothers you. Lot of stupid fuss about nothing.

Anyone else noticed how the only time you get sniping and bitching in this friendly forum is when there's photographers involved? :rolleyes:

3rd Jun 2004, 19:48
Could it be that they have egos too big for their egos? If you see what I mean. I think its called jealousy. :rolleyes:

London Jets
3rd Jun 2004, 21:05

Keep up the good work mate. like the vulcan pictures. I have a few vulcan pictures, not quite so good as yours but if they are wanted i'll post them as well, allthough they are not taken at southend.


3rd Jun 2004, 22:00
London Jets

Roll out the Vulcan shots, but may I suggest a new thread so as not to detract from this one.

Bronx & TomPierce

No jealousy here (save that I couldnt make it to what was an excellent show by all accounts).

4th Jun 2004, 09:33
The VUlcan did not taxi but should be up for it on the August bank holiday. Apparently the Hunter is a write off after a bad landing and was assessed yesterday to this effect.

4th Jun 2004, 10:18
That's right - XL426 will be making two fast taxi runs along Southend's runway in August, once the brakes have been serviced.

With regard to Miss D, I'm not sure the damage is so bad that it would be written off. There were some photos posted at UKAR showing the aftermath - the tail pipe has some damage, and the skid has been pushed up through into the jetpipe, but it doesn't look as if it can't be repaired. :confused:

4th Jun 2004, 10:36
The last time he scraped his pipe (ooo err missus) he bolted a new one on (SOP I understand). Not sure if he has another spare.

Hope shes up again soon.

4th Jun 2004, 13:27
Apparently, accordingly to a reliable source the damage is not as bad as first feared and there is an outside chance Miss D will be flying again in time for Kemble Air Day.

London Jets
6th Jun 2004, 09:33
Sorry to bring up the similarity of peoples names sounding the same, but I have not seen DamienB on pprune for ages, does anyone know what happened to him??

Disco Stu
6th Jun 2004, 11:33
Wrong place, wrong time would be a one way of describing DamienB's departure from this place.

Mind you other descriptions would be more lucid but from past experience, likely to cause upset even though none ever intended.

Disco Stu:{

8th Jun 2004, 03:11

Cracking shots of HELIMED7, thanks very much. Cool Lynx pics as well, spent a great afternoon/evening having a couple of cold ones with the Royal Navy display boys on the Saturday of the airshow.

May well show the Air ambulance pics to my colleagues who work on her, but this could well be considered rubbing it in, seeing as they had to stay on the ground while the pilot displayed, due to health and safety madness ! :ok: :E

8th Jun 2004, 11:16

Thanks for the comments. Please do show them to the crew - I've got a couple more I could e-mail over if you wish, and I'll have some higher res images when I get the shots back from the Sunday's show using a friends EOS 10D.

Should have some nice pics of the Lynx on that aswell - the crew on the Sunday of the show were in and out like yoyos, but everytime they made passes for the photographers. :)

London Jets
8th Jun 2004, 17:34

are you going to post some more shots for us all??? be good to admire some more!


8th Jun 2004, 19:28
I've got plenty more shots LJ - but I've been told to post them smaller than I edit them for website use, and I can't be naffed at the mo with re-editing.

Will have lots more to share when I get the shots from the 10D back aswell. If you want to see some others though (as they are without being re-edited for posting), drop me a PM.