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Evening Star
1st Jun 2004, 09:15
For my latest trip to Russia looks like I will be travelling Siberia Airlines. Other than it will make a change from Aeroflot, anybody know anything about this airline?

Only thing I can find searching here is a suggestion of a quality award by Qantas! :confused: Now, from my various trips to Russia I think it is a fascinating country, but a wee bit rough and ready to the extent that quality award does not fit into my mental picture. Maybe I am in for a surprise?

1st Jun 2004, 10:41
Also known as Sibir Airlines (a more direct translation from the Russian). It's the old Aeroflot directorate in Novosibirsk, Siberia, now privatised. And while maintaining the network fron Siberian cities to Moscow and elsewhere they have also developed a substantial base at Moscow Domodedovo for services all around Russia, the CIS and beyond (eg Dubai). They also do a lot of holiday charters out of Domodedovo down to Turkey, Egypt, Russian Black Sea resorts, Germany, etc. They have become one of the major top half a dozen airlines in Russia.

Fleet is a lot of Tu154s (about 35) and Il86 widebodies (about 14). They're getting new Tu204s as well.

website in English : http://english.s7.ru/

Moscow Domodedovo airport arrivals for next 48 hours website, in English (gives you an idea of the scale of their operations). Sibir flight code is S7 : http://www.domodedovo.ru/en/main/airindicator/arrivals/

On-board grub examples : http://www.airlinemeals.net/meals/SiberiaAirlines.html

(edited as their website has changed).

Evening Star
1st Jun 2004, 11:42

Many thanks for the links. They look a pretty organised bunch. Am flying MOW to ROV, so it seems I am taking advantage of Siberia Airlines expansion into the Russian south west.

Boss Raptor
1st Jun 2004, 13:07
As above actually known as 'Sibir' - a search under this will produce a whole lot more I'd think

Usual TU154 and IL86's, 2 ex Aeroflot A310's being added to the fleet at the mo

Usual basic but acceptable/liveable service, limited IFE etc.

OK safety record last unfortunate incident was the TU154 accidently shot down over the Black Sea by the Ukrainian military - other than that nothing bad

Evening Star
8th Jun 2004, 07:28

Thank you for the additional information.

Had made the connection with the Black Sea incident. Recall the thread in R&N at the time, and agree it is not something that can be held against an airlines safety record.

Stated equipment for my flights are the TU154's, so I know what to expect. Be interesting to compare with Aeroflot Don's rather shabby TU154's (especially the one back in February, which I am sure had a pressurisation problem).

As for service ... it is Russia. Tend to go with the flow because there is no alternative. "Basic but acceptable" sounds fine to me!

11th Jun 2004, 20:25
Be interesting to compare with Aeroflot Don's rather shabby TU154's Aeroflot Don, from Rostov-on-Don, are a quite separate company from the current mainstream Aeroflot. It is of course the old Rostov directorate of the Soviet-era Aeroflot, now privatised. It's the only one of the large number of local directorates splintered off to have retained the old name in some form.

And like many of the smaller Russian airlines running 154s, they prove one thing about that aircraft. It must have been one hell of a robust design !!

Boss Raptor
11th Jun 2004, 21:13
Incorrect - Aeroflot Don is and always have been a wholly owned subsiduary of the big Aeroflot Russian International Airlines as in Aeroflot who fly the international routes - as a Directorate it was privitised and bought at the time by ARIA Aeroflot Russian International Airlines, just as ARIA Aeroflot are now intending to buy Samara Airlines and Chernomor Airlines both ex 'original Soviet Aeroflot' directorates originally - Aeroflot Don are in fact due to get A320's when ARIA Aeroflot gets there order completed

Evening Star
21st Jul 2004, 12:07
Well, had my flights with Siberia Airlines. Fully confirm BR's comment about "Usual basic but acceptable/liveable service".

Boarding at DME on DME>ROV sector was interesting. Hot, humid day and air con was working at full tilt with the door open. Cabin door wreathed in water vapour, and vapour coming from every ventilation outlet. Having had to field some jokes here at the ivory tower about the 'Siberia' bit, was almost as though they wished to live up to some reputation. Also had the TU154 window seat without the window but with chiller unit behind cabin wall seat. Do not normally notice the cold, but needed a blanket by the end of the flight.

21st Jul 2004, 13:35
Sibir (like Aeroflot) have one problem - quality of service may vary between particular flights. On one flight you may get (with Sibir) a fresh Tu154M (say 6-10 years old) with renewed interior and excellent cabin crew which will make your trip better you can expect with even with western high quality carriers. On the next day you may face old doggy dirty Tu154B or old 154M with 20 years old seats and carpets and rude cabin crew which will remind you a domectic sector in Dark Africa.

Sibir is now 2nd biggest Russian airline, and no 1 in terms of number of passengers carried on domestic flights. Safety record is nothing to worry about. Heard from some friends in the States that their corporate travel policy (which is also connected to insurance) is now allowing to travel on Sibir domestic flights without special authorisation, while few years ago it was Aeroflot and Transaero only.