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1st Jun 2004, 02:17
Hello all,

I'm going to be spending six hours on a stop-over at Boston Logan on the day of the England - France Euro 2004 game.

Anyone know anywhere in or near the airport where I might be able to see the game? Could get downtown if need to - once watched a Premiership game in an Irish bar there, but beer fogs the memory a little!


1st Jun 2004, 06:12
There is a train from the airport into Boston which is very close . I once had a 5 hour stopover there with Northwest and nipped into Boston , did a city tour visited the original Cheers pub and returned and boarded for Amsterdam ! Those were the days !

fescalised portion
1st Jun 2004, 15:10
I watched the England-Argentina game at France '98 in a bar called 'Dicks Last Resort.' A sports bar, next to the Prudential Center in the city centre. I am informed that it is still there.

I was there on my own, but there were other Brits in there who I talked to and had a laugh with.........Full of Argies as well, great atmosphere, shame about the result! The food was also good and the pitchers of beer kept flowing.

Have fun.....