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Professor TailSpin
4th Dec 2001, 17:47
Just wondering whether any of you tart-up the Flight Deck over the Christmas period...

Maybe a touch of tinsel?
A bit of mistletoe, cunningly placed?
A tree hidden in the corner, with a fairy?

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5th Dec 2001, 00:14
Oh very nice but I'm sure our old friend The Pink Pilot would rather be flying the plane

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5th Dec 2001, 09:57
heh! I can't get this vision of a typical office christmas party, but being held in the cockpit -
Drunken first officer with married flight attendant shagging on the, captain using the PA as a karaoke machine, crap food, crap beer, crap music .... etc.....

hmmm, sounds like any other days flying really :D :D

(sorry, didn't mean it!)

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Kermit 180
5th Dec 2001, 10:08
Not enough room in my cockpit for a tree, but theres a nice mound of mould i could decorate. :D

5th Dec 2001, 13:06
It has to be one of those christamas trees with the flashing lights that lorry drivers stick in their front windows.

Very Harry Moss (for all older PPRuNers)

Professor TailSpin
5th Dec 2001, 15:54
How about changing the music played whilst taxiing to something festive? Has this ever been done?

I just thought, some of you must have dressed up as Santa on Xmas Eve flights! What an hilarious thought...kid comes up to see flight-deck on Xmas eve flight to find Santa at the controls, muttering something about having to move with the times!! Must've happened, come on tell us all about it...

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6th Dec 2001, 04:27
Dunno if anyone has a pic of it saved somewhere....my favourite piece of "aviation Christmas" is that piece of nose art where Santa is drawn as if he has been hit by the aircraft !!!

Professor TailSpin
6th Dec 2001, 16:16
Used to be on www.airliners.net (http://www.airliners.net) but I'll be darned if I can find it :mad:

6th Dec 2001, 16:29

You'll need to post the above URL into your browser rather than just click on it.

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