View Full Version : Robert Capa's wartime colour photos

Sir George Cayley
29th May 2004, 19:02
For those interested in photography and the 2nd world war can I suggest getting hold of Saturdays Times Magazine.

Colour shots taken in the War by Capa have been discovered after lying in the Magnum picture agency of New York where they had been mis-atributed to his brother Cornell.

They are FANTASTIC ! They photos show scenes of whch many of us are familiar only in black and white. Not only are the Kodachrome colours tremedously lifelike but the sharpness combined with the raw humanity make a powerful statement.

They look as if they were taken recently not 60 years ago.

If they get on the web then we need to know the addy.

Sir George Cayley

30th May 2004, 11:15
Excellent pictures, marred by journalistic ignorance in the writing of the captions, which are almost all glaringly wrong. The USAAF, for instance, flew no bombing missions over France in 1941 - they didn't come (officially) into the war until after Pearl Harbour in December 1941. "RAF flight crew waiting to take off" are plainly ground crew; and so on and so forth.