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29th May 2004, 18:30
I was on VS22 from IAD - LHR last night (28 May) which was very very full indeed. For the most part service was excellent and what I expect from Virgin and the stewardess in my cattle class section did a very good job.

However, there was one relatively minor issue that I felt she did not handle correctly which while not directly her fault, seriously annoyed me. I would like to bring this to the attention of the airline without making it seem that I am a whinging SLF wanting to get her into trouble - whats the best way to do this please?

For the record, I go out of my way to be nice to cabin crew and appreciate the great job they do - also on arrival I went out of my way to provide support to a member of the Virgin ground staff who was getting harassed by another passenger, so I don't want it to seem like I have a vendetta against Virgin!

29th May 2004, 18:50
Write a very nice letter, starting by complimenting the crew and the service you received overall, requesting that the crew member concerned receives the praise you feel she deserves.

Then, once you have a good, strong, positive feel to your letter which has the reader glowing with pride, add the "However....." paragraph, highlighting the areas where you feel that Virgin cc could have performed better - stressing that this omission (whatever it was) did niggle you all the way through the flight!

Then you can either contact Customer Relations through Virgin's web-site or write to them at:

Customer Relations Dept
Virgin Atlantic plc
The Office
Manor Royal
West Sussex
RH10 9NU

Tel: 0870 464 6747
Fax: 0870 143 4547

30th May 2004, 00:53
I always travel trans-atlantic with Virgin if possible and usually they provide 110% customer service - both on the ground and in the air.

In 8 odd years of travelling to LAX from LHR I have felt the need to write and whinge about things on only 2 occasions. Both times the problems was (probably) out of the crews' and possibly the airlines' hands.

Both times the customer service department responded quickly with a personal letter as opposed to a standard reply, a thanks for bringing this to our attention and an award of compensation miles.

Compared to BA.... no comparision - they are in a different league for customer service.

And I have no connection with Virgin, (except I find the uniform rather nice on the ladies! :O )


30th May 2004, 01:03
bealine hits the nail on the head.

I have always made a point of writing to carriers when I have had what I consider to be very good or exceptional service. They appreciate it, even it's just an Email.

Almost every time I have had a response saying thank you and that comments will be passed to the individuals of the crew concerned.

I also write if I believe I have a valid complaint or niggle.

As bealine says, very easy to combine the two. Balance being the ideal.

30th May 2004, 10:39
Thanks for that, I was planning to send a nice letter in as I think it would be irresponsible on my part to potentially damage a stewardesses record for the sake of something minor.

As I said, the crew did a great job on what was a full flight (i think there was one empty seat in cattle) and which had LOTS of screaming babies on as well. However the issue in particular did annoy me and if by highlighting it, it prevents the situation from happening again then thats great.

30th May 2004, 11:24
bealine and Lost_luggage34 give good advice IMHO: I can't add to it except to agree with it.

30th May 2004, 18:19
I flew with Virgin Atlantic last November - LHR to LAX. Great flight going out and return. However we came to pick up the bags at LHR and one of the cases we had took was damaged.

We went to the Virgin desk at LHR and spoke to someone at the desk and they replaced it with a brand new case.

Well...we were gobsmacked what can I say service or what? :ok:

:ok: :ok: :ok:

Young Paul
31st May 2004, 20:10
Yeah, but the person whose brand new case you took wasn't best pleased!
(;) )