View Full Version : An Edo to Chrastmis, lte teh fistevities cemmonce

The Puprne Dyslexic Poet
4th Dec 2001, 14:43
Chrastmis coems btu ocne a yaer
A tiem of fesitve luaghs dna chere
Of peeca on aerth, gidwooll to lal mne
Execpt Govnur dna 411 nto ot tehm

We go Gitwack fro anotehr Batgash
Wheer polits dna oethrs go otu no teh lsah
Wheer stiroes aer tlod, dna dirnks aer ot hnad
Dna tihs yaer I haer taht theer’s veen a bnad

So taek my bset weshis, tihs yaer hsa bene hrad
Plaese accetp thees wrods as a Puprne Chrastmis crad
Let’s pary taht nxet yaer wlil eb betetr tahn tihs
Nwo gte teh beres ni, let’s og otu no teh psis

The Guvnor
4th Dec 2001, 21:39
Hab Bumhug!

My dyoobl revodaip nad renudrowker tolpis rae tou narengi rehti lasseair rof ceno - ew'ev cikdep up an CIMA leda rof Asnat Sluac Rai, nad veah ot ledirev zrepeizs to 100 liomnil sohem urnado het drolw in eon ginth.

So if yuo reha het wogrl of an R1B12 not'd yrowr - si't sjtu a Vaungri ItrRast on royu foro!

[Edited coz I can't sllep in exdysicl]

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5th Dec 2001, 11:45
Well Guv, you've completely lost me....

Kermit 180
5th Dec 2001, 14:41
Me too... :confused:

5th Dec 2001, 15:34
Here is my punt at The Guvs ramblings (I havent got a clue about the ones in Italics);

Bah Humbug!

My bloody overpaid and underworked pilots are out earning their salaries for once - weve picked up an CIMA deal for Santa Claus Air, and have to deliver prezzies to 100 million homes around the world in one night.
So if you hear the growl of an R1B12 dont worry its just a Nagrivn ItrRast on your roof!

5th Dec 2001, 16:33
Just a guess bur R2B12 or whatever should be RB211??

5th Dec 2001, 18:57
er... something Tristar...?

Presumably the name of Guv's airline is Virgann, surely a little too close...? :D :D :D