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4th Dec 2001, 13:24
G'day fellow PPRuNer's.

I have just looked at the Jet Blast Archives and read the "TOO MUCH NOISE" thread for the first time. Geez it was brilliant. Did anyone ever own up/ find out who it was?

For those of you who don't know what I'm talking about, check it out. It's a long thread-207 replies, or there abouts- but it's well worth it! (I'd post a link to the thread, but I don't know how...)

Anyway, well done to the perpetrator.

Shh... Noise Abatement
4th Dec 2001, 14:46

4th Dec 2001, 17:10
Oh God who let him out!!! :rolleyes:

4th Dec 2001, 17:18
Flying Circus, if you want a truly original, deliciously scary thread, try Tony Draper's 'Broken Pilot'.

Wonderful stuff - bow's to Master Draper ;)

Tricky Woo
4th Dec 2001, 18:49
Indeed, Vel, Broken Pilot should be one more for the archives, if Uncle Danny will once again indulge us. Also, the first Emily thread, as we've only the second part in there at the moment.

Any more suggestions?


tony draper
4th Dec 2001, 19:46
Draper was very nealy archived himself around 1 o clock today, Draper was peacefully going about his business in Amble on the Northumberland coast, happily fitting a cctv camera on a worried citizens roof, when two Harriers came lickety Split over said roof about fifty feet above poor Drapers head. One very nearly had a accident in ones Y fronts, and was nearly blown off roof,as Draper is of light construction and can be moved by the mearest breeze.
Draper was thinking of going to the Military forum and issuing a reprimand, but that place is peopled by ruffians, and they would probably just shout at Draper.
They could at least have tooted their horns. ;)

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henry crun
5th Dec 2001, 00:19
When I try and access the JB archive there is nothing there. The header is displayed but there is no list of topics.

Anyone have a suggestion as to why this is ?.

tony draper
5th Dec 2001, 00:26
Roger Mr C, you have to click on show topic for last hundred days or so, I visited the archive a few times before I figured it out, ;)

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henry crun
5th Dec 2001, 03:55
Thank you Mr D.

Capt Vegemite
5th Dec 2001, 06:52
Ahem.... http://www.pprune.org/cgibin/ultimatebb.cgi?ubb=get_topic&f=12&t=007931

5th Dec 2001, 09:24
Well, here goes....

for the broken pilot thread.

Yeah!! It worked!! :D ;) :cool:


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5th Dec 2001, 10:40
While I was hunting down that broken pilot, I came across the "Creation vs Evolution" thread - There's one for the archive!


(Because I can!)

But the think I noticed about the C vs E thread was it's first post. The author lays down a few ground rules (Which are largely ignored!) and lists the Believers and the Non-Believers. It is of interest to note that listed amongst the Believers is none other than Shh... Noise Abatement. :eek:

I am curious as to how this poster was able to make his/her views on the matter known, without being hounded for the most marvelous wind-up that I have ever read.

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5th Dec 2001, 13:12
I would think some of Captain IF Snailtrails litterary creations should find theitr way to the jet blast archives. I think his "hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy"-adaptation is worthy of a Pulizer prize...

Dany, if you can tell me where to find it...

Meanwhile, here's to Captain Snailtrails, wherever his wings have flown him...CHEERS