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Dominant MORA climbing
15th Mar 2001, 11:23
Hi there folks! Does anyone know what's happening at Air Mauritius? They placed an add in the Flight Intl, but have they started with interviews? Any news would be appreciated!My e-mail address : [email protected] - Cash reward offered for good info!!!

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15th Mar 2001, 13:10
I replied to the ad as well by fax to Capt. Gopaul, no reaction or news so far.
Anybody out there already invited for an intervieuw ? I'm an 757/767 driver.

Dominant MORA climbing
15th Mar 2001, 13:53
Thanks for your replies. I just got of the phone with Mauritius. They will notify all the selected applicants within the next 2 weeks. Apparently have a lot of CV's to work through. Thank you for the info on the A319's. I wish you all the best of luck. Hope to see you on the beech! Keep them fingers crossed!

15th Mar 2001, 15:22
Good to hear this - I was about to call as well. I can only imagine the job of going through the CV's - there must be loads of them.

Zeke - with regards to the 319s - How many total in the order? and over what timeframe for the rest to be delivered?

16th Mar 2001, 00:15
Check out how much they are paying!You will be surprised how poorly paid.

16th Mar 2001, 00:22
Below relates to an F/O :

1) 4 year bond on A340
2) 56,795 Rs/month during training
3) 75,726 Rs/month after training / then
4) 16,000 Rs accom./month
5) Free transport or 2300 Rs /month
6) 1 month extra. per 12 paid on each anniv.
7) 30 leave/annum.
8) 15% grat. end of contract

1 Mauritius Rupee = 0.02466 British Pound

Interviews being held early/mid april (confirmed)

Hope this all helps.

18th Mar 2001, 11:02
Doesnt't look much.
Does anybody know if there are any Per Diems (should be) and how much.
I spoke with a Captain who went to Mauritius on a wet lease for a month and he thinks it's not a place for a family. Most locals living in capitol Port-au-Prance (something like that) some even in a carboard boxes. Lot's of beautiful hotels on the other side...

19th Mar 2001, 16:51
Anyone know the time to upgrade and Capt package?

19th Mar 2001, 19:30
Which side of the island do the pilots live?
Does the company rent you a cardboard box or must you buy it with a bank loan?
New meaning......I am in the box on Monday night.
P.S. Where are all thoes smart Indian guys going??

We will do the drill according to the amendments to the amendments I er think?

19th Mar 2001, 23:31
To bad

I must say ; I really had my eyes on the ad for a while or two.

Maybe Seychelles then for the tan ?

20th Mar 2001, 01:13
There are per diems - they're actually quite good. If you don't play too much downroute you can pick up 400-ish per month.

The capital is Port Louis and nobody lives there. The expat pilots are live mainly in the northwest, the southwest or the southeast.

The company does not rent your cardboard box for you, that comes out of the accommodation allowance. (Expats not allowed to buy in Mauritius, so renting only.) This will probably just cover a house that's not on the beach in the southeast, but will probably not fully cover anywhere else.

Time to upgrade - certainly not in the first 4 year contract, realistically probably at least 6 years now. Captain's updated package not to hand, but somewhere in the region of Rs100 000/month to start(thereafter increments). Other allowances remain the same.

A good place for families or not? Depends entirely on the family, some have been there 10 years and love it. But as a rule of thumb, if you've never lived in Africa you will have a huge cultural adjustment to make. I would STRONGLY suggest that you take your wife with you if going for an interview and arrange to spend an extra few days on the island (at your own expense) to see if she can cope. After the less-than-stellar salary package, unhappy families are the major reason for people leaving.

If you're into water sports it's great.

Hope this helps a bit, good luck.

20th Mar 2001, 17:26
Tired, thanks for a very good info.
I have few more q. if you are willing to comment. At the momemnt I'm on a year contract with European company and pay is almost identical. However there are few more things such
1. Education allowance for children
2. Medical Insurance
3. Licence Insurance
4. Overtime starts at 65hrs
5. Since the contract is short on the type I already have (B737) there was no bond. The bond worries me in case my wife changes her mind in the middle of the contract
6. Also I would like to know the crime rate in country and if those places ex-pat live are safe when I'm away on business for couple of days
7. Most probably there are more per-diems on A340 then on other types, right?

I would appreciate if you comment on above issues. The problem is that company didnt put it's contract conditions in Flight ad. For private mail you may use [email protected]


P.S. How's internet connection there?

PPRuNe Towers
20th Mar 2001, 22:17
Very keen PPRuNers out there gaga as Mrs Towers and I can testify. Superb hospitality and a very hectic social life was the order of the day when we paid a visit.

Regards from the Towers
[email protected]

20th Mar 2001, 23:48
gaga, I left Mauritius a year or 2 ago, so the finer points that you ask about may have changed, though I don't think so.

MK does assist with education costs - I don't have kids so it did not affect me, but I think it was 75% of school fees for 1st child, 50% for any more. They do pay if your child goes to school in your country of origin, rather than on the island, but I don't know the rates.

There was a medical scheme there, but not particularly good as far as I know (I didn't join either.) Many of the guys paid their own medical insurance via BUPA.

No loss of licence.

Crime rate very low, you can leave your family there quite happily.

Yes, the 340 per diems are much better than the Boeing fleet because of the destinations. I have no idea what the 319 per diems will be like, but it will be almost a "domestic" operation so I don't suppose they will be very good. No per diems on ATR fleet.

The bond on the 340 was Rs400 000 (10 000) over 4 years, but only written down once a year ie if you leave after 11 months you pay the full amount, if you leave after 13 months you only pay 75% etc.

As Towers says, lots of Ppruners out there (why am I writing this then? Come on guys!!! :) ) so no problems with Internet connection.

Overtime starts at 80hours and it's not unheard of to do 900 hours in 12 months and have to take a month off.

I can only emphasise again, if you're going for an interview, take your wife with you, spend a few extra days there and try and imagine what it's like living "in the community" rather than in a hotel. Some people absolutely love it, some absolutely hate it, the majority tolerate it but would, I think, rather be elsewhere.

Good luck.

21st Mar 2001, 12:23
Great info thanks.

So has anyone got an interview yet, or heard anymore than the above about the interviews?

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Dominant MORA climbing
26th Mar 2001, 21:52
Has anyone heard anything from Air Mauritius? When are they going to contact us? Any inside info from the Island? Please. [email protected]


27th Mar 2001, 13:36
Not heard a thing. I telephoned them twice, both times "we are busy, let you know in 2 weeks".

27th Mar 2001, 23:55
Since 'tired' left, there have been a couple of changes (not to be confused with 'improvements', except in the broadest sense).
Overtime now starts at 75 hours, but you will very seldom get it as the crew ratio has gone from way too few to considerably overstaffed, especially on the F/O side. (Around 25+ new F/O hires last year) So no extra month off!

Housing up from 12,000 to 16,000 rupees. House rental up from ca10,000 to ca25,000 in 5 years for a reasonable place (not the afore-mentioned cardboard box!?!?) Cardboard box still very cheap.

Today 6 years ago 17 rupees bought you one US dollar. Today it will cost you 28.5 rupees. Make your own deductions.

If you get a type rating out of the deal, maybe consider it. There is, however, currently a one MILLION rupee 4-year training bond coupled with 6 months notice required for resignation.

The airline has not yet determined a set of salary scales for the A319. The idea is to see who and what applies first, then decide how little can be gotten away with.

Make very sure you know which fleet and which position you are applying for. The A319 is bound to be on a lower salary than the other jets, and the per diems will be almost non-existent as it will mainly be doing same-day regional flying.

To answer another question, the first A319 arrives in October this year. If the second comes, it is planned to arrive in August next year. That's it. There are rumours of further orders, but there is no coherent fleet plan (the 767's were leaving, now staying) and no method of passing any information on to the crews in any case.

Upgrades: always an interesting question. In the last 4 years, there have been about 20 upgrades on the jets. (ATR not known) That translates to 5 per year. There are currently 8 F/O's on assessment for upgrades. There are probably 60+ F/O's. (I haven't counted, but out of 140 expat aircrew it should be realistic). There were 25+ F/O's hired last year. Mauritan pilots get priority on upgrades. More pilots to be hired from this current advert. Only a note of caution, but do the sums carefully. Then compare your answer to the one you get at the interview. Factors that might (note:might) increase promotion are firstly the arrival of the first and possibly second A319, and secondly the unknown pilot attrition rate.

If you like watersports, the island life is very pleasant. Loads of windsurfing, skiing, boating, fishing and diving. Also nice beaches for walking. There are basically no extra-curricular activities planned by schools (cricket, football, hockey, etc). Schooling is quite a big problem and an increasing amount of pilots have their families offshore.

When next you speak to Capt Gopaul, ask him specifically:
1. What is the salary for your position (LHS/ RHS) on the A319, if that is what you are applying for.
2. Interview dates
3. Starting dates
4. Expected time to command

Life in Mauritius is what you make of it. Apart from the salary, the roster system and the leave system, it is a pleasant airline position. The routes are good, especially on the A340, and the other pilots are a pleasure to fly with. With the odd exception, the aircraft are maintained to an acceptable standard. The downroute per diems are good. There is a constant battle about hotel quality, but that is endemic in all airlines.

Hope this helps! Good luck!

28th Mar 2001, 19:26
I spoke with Joyce Pierot today and she said interviews in April/May and notification of intended interviews coming out next week.

Good luck, hope to join you at MK :)

PS: What's their interview/selection process involve?

Aluminium Tuber
28th Mar 2001, 19:34
Can anyone tell me if they will consider a RHS jet position with no jet experience? Me lots of LHS (medium W8) 2/4 engine turboprop time but no burner experience?

30th Mar 2001, 14:12
Gentlemen, THANK YOU for a really useful thread!
I too am waiting for the postman. IWe`ve been to Mauritius for a hols but if given an interview there will certainly take the advice of `Tired` and bring the domestic management for a good look. We spent a while in the desert so being an expat is no prob. Interesting to note the bond has gone up and 6 months notice to keep people in.
I`m only interested in A340/76 ...Watch this space.

31st Mar 2001, 10:15
As a A318/319/320/330/340 and B767/757 rated pilot you will be pleased to know I am not applying forthis very low paid job!!

4th Apr 2001, 19:15
Has anybody heard anything yet? I am not in UK so perhaps my mail is slower than yours?
This is becoming a true csae of " the letter is in the post....In`sh Allah!!"

4th Apr 2001, 22:13
Mauritian efficiency already being proved!

Oh, and the chairman of the company has resigned/ was pushed/ was fired/ left for family reasons/ wanted to pursue other business interests....(pick the one you want!)

8th Apr 2001, 09:18
So...... Anyone got an interview yet??????

8th Apr 2001, 14:19
I guess the letter is still in the post....
I hope its not going to be one of those "If you don`t hear from us you haven`t got it" situations!
Still watching this space!

8th Apr 2001, 14:26
I had an interview date of the 11th April offered to me about a month ago, I duly accepted that date and sent back the required paperwork, (pre-interview form) but I have heard nothing since, I think they might have put everything back a month or so, or are very disorganised.

8th Apr 2001, 17:02
Hi majorbyte,

have you applied as a Captain or F/O?
Brgds Flaps5

8th Apr 2001, 19:01
I've just emailed you the Air Mauritius contract (terms & conditions) for an F/O.

Hope this is of use,

10th Apr 2001, 23:24
Hi folks,

here some news from France

I did apply as F/O too and no answer yet too.

Maybe I have to send my resume in English... ;-)

Do ghosts exist ?

11th Apr 2001, 13:48
Phoned them today and reply was that letters would be going out at the end of this week
....does that mean tomorrow?
She did confirm that they are writing to all applicants not just the ones they want to interview.
So, check the `use by date` on that sun cream!!

11th Apr 2001, 18:47
Hope the envelope ain't a thin one then!!

12th Apr 2001, 15:21
I've spoken to Capt.Gopal today. There plans have changed and....there will now be NO recruitment onto the B767 fleet. They also have sufficient type rated applicants for the Airbus fleet.

Dam !!!

12th Apr 2001, 20:01
Thanks Roller,
Crashed and burned!
Do Airbus & Boeing give away type rated pilots with every new a/c because there are more and more a/c everyday and a never ending supply of type rated pilots!
Double Damn

13th Apr 2001, 09:10
Noax, I am sorry for you and some others who have had their applications terminated. Spare a moment to ponder on the organisational and planning capability of an airline that advertises for both seats on a specific aircraft type, then flips the bird to everybody who has taken the time and effort to respond to what they thought was a genuine requirement.....

Have any of the 'more than enough' Airbus pilots been given a firm salary package yet? Or even a firm interview date? If you have, please share it with the rest of us.

'Plans have changed' indeed.... At least there is one constant!!!

And yes, Boeing and Airbus do give 4-6 free conversions with each aircraft sold. Double the amount if it is for an Airbus Cross-Crew-Qualification course. (Much shorter).

Good luck to all.

24th Apr 2001, 19:56
As mentioned some time ago,I for one have given up on this. However just out of curiosity did anyone get any kind of leter from them?
I`ve heard nothing!

Don`t let the Bxxxxxxs get you down!!!

25th Apr 2001, 16:04
Na - nothing yet. Haven't given up hope yet though.

26th Apr 2001, 15:27
I had an interview date of the 17th May offered to me about a week ago. By email.

They are faxing contract of employment. For review.

Got about 1500 Hrs A320 F/O.

November Echo
26th Apr 2001, 18:38
I have been offered an interview date for a aircraft that I did not apply for. Then I saw the pay and training bond. I am not in a hurry.

Hank Rogers
26th Apr 2001, 20:43
Got a date for an interview on 17. May for F/O A319 by fax, not yet confiermed.
I have about 1000h on A320, the money is not very good there, but at least I will check what they say.

26th Apr 2001, 21:30
Thanks Guys, interesting that it seems to be for Airbus F/O`s. It does just slightly piss one off when the reality differs so much from the ad.
Anyway, good luck to you all. I have worked as an expat and my dad joined Cathay as an F/E in `57 so have a bit of experience of the life. Money is not everything. Look at the cost of accom. as a percentage of the salary and compare it with what percentage you pay for accom. where you are. The only thing is dont expect to ship bucketfulls of money `home`. if you (and your partner!!)are willing to try something new then why not give it a shot!!??