View Full Version : Spanish report into Mark Hanna's accident

Sir George Cayley
28th May 2004, 20:58
I have found a link to the Spanish accident investigation into the tragic loss of Mark Hanna in the Buchon


Still sadly missed

Sir George Cayley

28th May 2004, 21:43
Agreed. Knew Mark well at Coningsby back in F4 days - nice chap missed by us all.

The report is a very honest, yet at the same time a most gracious document.

28th May 2004, 22:49
Hear Hear. I fear the day is nearly upon us where no Hanna entertains us Aeronautical afficionadoes... shame.

29th May 2004, 01:57
I too met Mark back in the late 80's, he struck me as being a very decent man. Whilst I had only met him comparatively few times, when I heard of his accident it was one of those events that makes your hair stand on end and a chill run down your spine.

I attended his Memorial Service at St Clement Danes, which was a very moving tribute and was packed to the rafters as well. At the end of the service I took a few pictures as the congregation departed, (I was taking pictures in London on that day anyway). Having sent the pictures via OFMC to the family I got a very nice letter of thanks, I wonder how many other pruners were there celebrating the life of this, in my opinion, very special aviator?