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4th Dec 2001, 06:12
For the life of me I can't find the original post question.

It appears to be a one axle, two wheeled, gyroscope stabilized, stand upright, steer with body movement or influence, very stable, battery powered, range - 27 klicks on flat ground, -SCOOTER- that might revolutionalize urban transport. There was a bicycle toy made in the 30's with a gyroscope in the front wheel that when wound up would trot off balanced on two wheels.Revolutionary.

4th Dec 2001, 06:20
It looks fantastic.
My reaction was: I want one.
Then I heard the price.

compressor stall
5th Dec 2001, 16:13
May not be a life changer for you and me, but for less able bodied people, it will revolutionise thier world, and would be cheap at double the price.

tony draper
5th Dec 2001, 16:28
Strikes me to have shades of Sir Clive Sinclare's effort.
They have a tendency to overhype these things, if they just brought them out without all the lead up bull, people would probably look more kindly on these products of genius.
As it is, we are encouraged to speculate on what this mythical device is, and I have seen every thing from a perpetual motion machine to a warp drive for the space shuttle or a domestic room temperature fusion generator talked about, this was always going to be a disapointment. :(