View Full Version : Vanguard engine runs and taxi at Brooklands

28th May 2004, 07:55
Saturday 29th May will see the Vanguard at Brooklands perform engine runs and (if possible) taxi along the runway. This will be the last time the Vanguard will move under its own power as it is scheduled to be moved inside the museum next week where there will be no room to taxi her.

All of course dependent on servicability, fire cover etc. For more info see the museum website: http://www.brooklandsmuseum.com


29th May 2004, 15:18
Thanks for the link and interesting news within

29th May 2004, 20:04
A shame that she's not in the old BEA colour scheme of the 1960s!

First trip I ever had in an airliner was in 1965 from Gatport airwick to Gibraltar in a BEA Vanguard. I remember visiting the flight deck and being told all about the flight by the captain....what a shame such things are impossible nowadays.

29th May 2004, 21:46
In my early years, whilst under training spent many days and nights tinkering with them, changing the engines, propellers, blowers, and the ground runs, sitting out on windy corner sad to say I never actually got to fly on one.

30th May 2004, 01:31
Know what the rego is? Could be one of my old steeds from ABC.


Oh I see its the old