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26th May 2004, 19:07
Hello there!

I recently started flying along the NAT. I`d like some opinions on what are the best options for landing in case of diversion close to the Canadian coast or inland. If any of you flying close to Halifax, but closer to Moncton or fredricton, would you rather land in any of these places? Do they have acomodation fot paxs?
And what about if you are flying relativelly close to any of these 2 airports: Gander, St Jonh`s. Of the 2 witch one would you choose?

Any other sugestions on any other airports to divert to, are apreciated too! Thank you!

26th May 2004, 21:24
St Johns or Halifax are the main Alt's used in the area.Both have 24hrs facilities,and accomodatiom,and transportation.Gander is fine except one has to travel 9-11 hrs on the bus to StJohns.

26th May 2004, 22:27
CYYT (St Johns) to CYQX (Gander) is approx 3.5 to 4 hrs by road depending on the weather. Both acceptable and most accomodating for all aircraft types. Ref 9-11

CYHZ (Halifax) is also an excellent diversion airport.

CYFC(Fredericton) is usable; however have a look at the runway lengths, instrument approaches and hours of operation.

Hope you never find out!!

26th May 2004, 23:39
On September 11, 2001, many many people found themselves unexpected guests in Gander, Newfoundland. Ask anyone how they liked it!

27th May 2004, 15:22
An orientation guide written by my company states that St John's has a good hospital, and that it may be a better choice for that particular problem.