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25th May 2004, 22:29
Continental airlines anounced a partnership with APB (Aviation Partners Boeing) to install blended winglets on part of its fleet of Boeing short- and mediumhaul aircraft. They have agreed a principle for the winglets to be fitted on eleven Boeing 737-800 aircraft and eleven Boeing 757-200 aircraft with furter options for additional winglet orders in the future.

If they proceed Continental will be the first airline operating "wingleted" 757's. First aircraft to be fitted with the winglets is expected to be in service by June 2005.

Both companies believe the additional winglets will bring considerable fuel burn savings, especially the aircraft is heavier than a 737 and operates on longer duration flights.

I wonder how this will work out in the future. For sure it will look fantastic on aircraft like the 757.

Marcel_MPH :cool:

26th May 2004, 08:46
Well I have to say that its taken Boing long enough to catch up with Airbus with regards to winglets. Lets hope the wing looks as good as the 738's.

26th May 2004, 10:50
So now its the Yanks copying the Russians... the wingleted 757 will look sooo much like the TU 204.


No comment
26th May 2004, 11:19
Was just thinking the same. Presume the winglets will be larger for the 757 than on the 737?
Theres a Krasair 204 outside the window at the moment which i always thought looked better than the 757 anyway!

26th May 2004, 11:30
I have to agree, it will look similar to the TU-204. Still think it will be great improvement to aircraft itself. It will get better range capabilities so maybe we can expect a CO 757 at AMS in the near future.

Marcel_MPH :cool:

26th May 2004, 13:11
It'll have to be going some to look as graceful as the A330/340 in flight.

26th May 2004, 13:30
any ideea how much will cost to install winglets on a 737-300 ?
what about on a 700?

26th May 2004, 13:43
Its 750k in USD per side. :)

World of Tweed
26th May 2004, 13:56
From the mists of my Aerodynamics lectures I seem to remember that Big winglets on a short hauler are a sign of an inefficient wing to begin with!! ;)

26th May 2004, 14:39
Which is why Airbus's are so fuel efficent. Like I said above, its taken Boeing this long to figure it out. Bless em

26th May 2004, 20:00
"If they proceed Continental will be the first airline operating "wingleted" 757's. First aircraft to be fitted with the winglets is expected to be in service by June 2005."

I think you may find quite shortly that the above is not true!
I have been led to believe that there is currently one of the First Choice 757's having them fitted somewhere..............I mean at the end of the wings!!


26th May 2004, 22:38
seems a little weird to me since the wingletted 757 is still in a very early fase. You might confuse the TU-204 with a 757 with winglets. I searched the web for information about the aircraft you've named but couldn't find anything about it.

Continental might be the launch customar for the wingletequipped B757-200 and other operators of the 75 also showed interest for the modification.

B.t.w. Certification process will begin within the next few months.

Would be great I you could give me a link where I can find some information about the aircraft you've noticed.

Marcel_MPH :cool:

26th May 2004, 22:45
I was actually told this by a First Choice employee, but then again he could have been winding me up!!

26th May 2004, 22:55
It still would be great if they already have them, but since the project is not even in it's certification process I think we'll have to wait for a while.

Marcel_MPH :cool:

26th May 2004, 23:09

Not a wind up. According to our latest Boeing Newsletter "We (First Choice Airways) are looking at being the launch customer for winglets on the 757. We have an available airframe which could be used for first type trials in the USA. The winglets are the same size as on the B737NG (2.5m high) and weigh about 650kgs. Obviously they reduce drag and thus improve fuel consumption. The fuel savings are in the order of 4% and increase with sector length. Still much discussion here, but we are seriously looking at this proposal. We will also look at winglets for the 767 but we will not be in a position to have them fitted prior to summer 2005. This is an interesting idea but of course the fuel savings are all computer generated at present. There will be no hard evidence until airframe trials are conducted."

Personally I would rather they concentrate on addressing the crewing levels and low morale in the Company but that's another thread altogether.

27th May 2004, 09:04
TU-204 with RB-211's and winglets


More info can be found at Tupolev (http://www.tupolev.ru/English/Show.asp?SectionID=110) site (in english)

27th May 2004, 10:36
Just compare....

Boeing 757 (http://www.airliners.net/open.file/585368/M/)

Tupolev 204 (http://www.airliners.net/open.file/579070/M/)

Will look almost the same when the winglets are put on. Still think those on the 757 will be bigger.

Marcel_MPH :cool:

27th May 2004, 13:10

I was under the impression that Boeing designed the winglets that Airbus uses for NASA and NASA gave the winglet design to Airbus for free. When Boeing wanted to use it NASA told them it would cost them.

The blended winglets are a far superior design. As far as the raked tips go, they were designed back before I was born for the 707. :E

27th May 2004, 17:16
Let's hope that the fitting of winglets will help minimise the 757's horrible wake vortex problem.

27th May 2004, 17:36

I agree...I taxied past a KrasAir TU-204 today at Gatwick and the winglets did not look as big as on the 737s..perhaps a visual illusion caused by the early hour.

As an aside, just wondered when some wag would add another letter between the 's' and the 'A'...

27th May 2004, 17:58

Most of the references I can find to original work was for MDD (okay now Boeing but for DC/MD not 707) and no sign of this Airbus chicanery you imply.

Sources please?

27th May 2004, 18:15

You are correct to say that Airbus did not design the A320 wing.

You are incorrect to say Boeing had any part in the A320 wing, that was done under the guidance of Mr Back and Mr Wedderspoon at BAe Weybridge, they did use some stuff from the Royal Aircraft Establishment....but no GDY involvement was required.

BAe Weybridge has being doing wing design for airbus going back to the A300.


28th May 2004, 14:42
a question:

World of Tweed wrote:
Big winglets on a short hauler are a sign of an inefficient wing to begin with!!

Does this imply that the 737NG has an inefficient wing? And if so, given that the wing was re-designed, why?

28th May 2004, 16:56
There are a few undesirable characteristics of the 73 NG's wing (principaly being prone to icing and hoar frosts after cold soaking), but inefficiency certainly isn't one of them.

The leap in performance between a 300 and a 700 with identical thrust ratings is huge, the fuel savings are significant, the cruise speed is much improved and the TO/app speeds are about 10kt lower.