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Gash Handlin
8th Jul 2001, 15:43
PPRUNe dispatcher should be aware it took a war to stop the endgame playout from the last Tostvig Gambit and his puny efforts aren't gonna stop this one! :mad:

Now I believe we were at Victoria, Sooo

using the "resurrection of interupted game rules as amended by the International Crescenting Federation, 1905"

Tottenham Court Road

8th Jul 2001, 18:38
Thanks gash, phew

War and natural disasters. It was the great Storm of ’89 which stopped the game between regulars at the Garfield Arms in Ffylde-without-Anfield, been going on for 84 years from generation to generation. They actually allowed ladies to play in the war (though they had to amend the rules slightly, as very few of the ladies had been to London at that time). The storm took out the roof and part of the bar, so without proper refreshment was difficult for them, they would have repaired to other premises, but poor ol’ Gunnerdsby was hit by a falling beam and as he was the official ‘Tracker’ they had to wait for him to recover. His Records, kept by his father and his father’s father and his father’s father’s father were secreted away in a safe place and only ol’ Gunnerdsby knew where.

They resumed the game after one month, having invoked the ‘Interrupted Play Rule 1905, and moved back into the renovated Garfield Arms at the beginning of 1990. Ol’ Gunnerdsby attended with his head still wrapped in bandages and was awarded the ‘Collingsby-Carpenter Medal’ for services to Mornington Crescentians, in difficult or unusual circumstances. I think I may apply to the MC Board to see if we can nominate a certain Pruner for this. The first move was Tottenham Court Road followed by

Baker Street

8th Jul 2001, 18:45
Northumberland Avenue

(Taking into account the local bye-laws on fishing)

10th Jul 2001, 14:31
Goodge Street

(Using the Reverse Diagonal; I assume we're still using it?)

New Bloke
10th Jul 2001, 20:05
Aha...I'm back,

I had a great holiday in France so it is back over the ditch to

Vallon Pont 'd arc

I take it we are still in nip ?

(edited to get my bold right, then edited again to concede defeat)

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18th Jul 2001, 19:08
I preferred JB when it wasn't so serious...so back to the top she goes :D

I'd rather
18th Jul 2001, 19:21
Pont de l'Alma

PPRuNe Dispatcher
18th Jul 2001, 19:21
London Underground regret to announce that the PPRuNe line was temporarily closed due to overcrowding in the Mornington Crescent carriage.

The next train goes to Tower Hill

Nil nos tremefacit
18th Jul 2001, 23:22
? :confused: ?

Tally ho! Back to the fray! You can't do that. It's a Wednesdsay in July. :rolleyes: The only move in those circumstances was Mornington Crescent!

I win! I wiiin! I wiiiiiiin! For the first time in my life I win!!!!!!!!

Another (calms down) - Westminster.... :cool:

19th Jul 2001, 00:21
Nil Nos,

Sorry mate but whilst there are 4 Wednesday's in July, there does not appear to be a single WEDNESDSAY.
Guess this means you still haven't cracked your duck and its back to TOWER HILL via TEMPLE methinks.
Soooo Sorry!!!! :(

Gash Handlin
19th Jul 2001, 00:37
Flypro, LOL

Sorry but there aren't any Wednesday's either but there are Wednesdays :D

(Please, nobody start up the wrong apostrophes thread again)

so then:-

Covent Garden

19th Jul 2001, 13:28
Not wishing to problong the Wedbesday debate (but I just can't help myself).

Mornington Crescent is a perfectly valid move in this instance, although July has 4 Wednesdays it also has 4 letters, thus by the return ticketing rule, the move was perfectly valid.

Anyone care to prove me wrong?

Nil nos, well spotted.

19th Jul 2001, 13:42
Yes, reverse ticketing rule only applicable in a year divisible by 46. The next one is in 2024. You now get sent to East Finchley and are in nid (sp?) :D

- Chalk Farm

itchy kitchin
19th Jul 2001, 14:54
Mmmm, cunning.
Using the "Stations closed on the Central Line during leap years following use of the 46th divisible" rule introduced in 1999 to aid the swiftness of play, I will have to say:

Blake Hall.
(I was going to say North Weald, but that was closed 1 year later and i really don't want to be seen as a timewaster on such a serious endeavour) ;)

itchy kitchin
19th Jul 2001, 15:01
Sorry, forgot to ask.

Is the Edgeware Road to Wimbledon branch "wild" in this round? (obviously not the interchange stops though) :confused:

19th Jul 2001, 15:29
Wild?...it's livid!

...sorry, couldn't resist :rolleyes:

19th Jul 2001, 16:02
Okay, I see the serious players have descended upon us. Nil Nos I will uphold your move, I have checked with the MC Board, dear Uncle Fotheringay was most appreciative of the Brandy and agreed that this subtle but devastating move is within the Rules. bcfc you overlooked that this was played on Wednesday 18 July, thus you have to also take into account the 1807 rule which over-rides all others.

Now where were we, oh yes using Fotheringay's classic tertiary tandem move


19th Jul 2001, 16:19
Coldharbour Lane

...This isn't my move, its on behalf of a Mrs Trellis who, on account of not having one of them new fangle computer thingy's, wrote in and asked me to do the honours. :p

itchy kitchin
19th Jul 2001, 17:02
Stopped me playing the wild card eh? I can see what your strategy is. Put me in a bit of a tight spot though.
Ah! As used by Steve "the stare" Spassky in the 1955 Latvia Conference Final:

Totteridge and Whetstone. :eek:

20th Jul 2001, 18:12
Well, if the big guns are coming out, it must be time to deploy the infamous "triple-play" of '92:

Clapham South ...

20th Jul 2001, 18:18
... Clapham Common ...

I'd rather
20th Jul 2001, 18:23
...Clapham North

20th Jul 2001, 18:23
Bugger !! 4 mins 34 seconds on flood control....

Nice one, IR - I always knew that was going to be a tricky play

As always, timing is everything.

[ 20 July 2001: Message edited by: Grainger ]

20th Jul 2001, 19:33
As I'm off to 'Amstead 'Eath

Belsize Park

I'd rather
20th Jul 2001, 19:35
Sorry, old chap - that was rather unsporting of me and may, I fear, even be contrary to the 1955 Evesham Protocol.

I withdraw my move...

20th Jul 2001, 20:04
Northfields via Boston Manor

20th Jul 2001, 21:15
That's OK, I'd: Your move was a fair one, even if it did have a bit of a Lineker quality to it. :D

Serves me right for attempting such an ambitious triple combination.

In any case, considering what happened last time, the consequences could have been much worse ('92, you will recall, was the notorious 'Bodyline' series...)

What I need to do now is regroup, so a defensive play is called for: