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17th Oct 2001, 16:23
I sat there the other evening at LGW giving way to a Ryanair 73-200 that taxied in front of us through the pouring rain.

Every few seconds we saw the aircraft disappear in a cloud of spray as the reversers were deployed for up to 15 secs at a time. Loads of water and crap from the taxyway recirculated over & under the wings visibly being ingested down the engines.

We used to powerback on the -200 but is this a new Ryanair cost saving braking technique for the -200 ???

17th Oct 2001, 18:27
They do it all the time in DUB aswell!!

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Captain Eicas
17th Oct 2001, 18:29
Sorry, I'm confused - are you suggesting Ryanair have SOPs ?

Devils Advocate
17th Oct 2001, 18:42
It's probably coz he needed to slow down, i.e. have you seen how fast they taxi ?!