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10th Oct 2001, 15:45
Gidday Mate,

Just thought I would remind you that the International Rules 2001 test series starts at the "G" this Friday night @ 1945hrs.

Back in August,(THE ASHES topic) you stated that the aussies would "go down" in this series. I reckon you're full of it and am prepared to wager a slab of Victorian Bitter to prove it.

Keep the faith :]

11th Oct 2001, 16:41
not even an Irishman would bet on that whiskery. Your using the wrong bait,MATE ! Victoria Bitter is cat's pi$$ to an irishman it has to be Guiness or Caffreys. still don't think you will get a bet the aussies will cane them big time at home.
f*ck the faith :)

I. M. Esperto
11th Oct 2001, 22:55
They are selling a lot of Budweiser over there.
Last summer we stayed here - Gorgeous! http://www.irish-holiday-rentals.com/old-monastery/

12th Oct 2001, 06:17
Read in this morning's paper that the tackling is a bit of an issue for the Irish after 2 broken noses last series...is the tackling modified, or is it the same as in Aussie Rules?


13th Oct 2001, 03:32
[email protected]#$

The green Gungas have beaten the aussies by 6 points in the the First Test. Oh well,it's the best out of three and Australia was gallant in defeat.

I have found Collingwood's new full forward for the 2002 AFL season - Graham Geraghty. He would be a natural at aussie rules - hard at the ball, fast and a straight kicker.

Come on aussie ,come ON!

Ireland's Call
13th Oct 2001, 07:45
Hey Whiskery mate!!
What about that??!!

It's not normal nowadays to see the Aussies loosing a sporting event, especially in your own back yard!

But....I'm not going to gloat, because it's still all to play for in Adelaide next week. The biggest shock was seeing the green wonders finishing stronger, I thought the aussie fitness would tell there.

I think the aussie skipper had a great game and you definitely missed Jason Akermanis. I was just reading about the game on the excellent "realfooty.com.au" web-site at The Age online newspaper.

It was great to see the huge crowd at the MCG and next week should be a thriller!

BAE146 was right, I wouldn't touch VB, make it Guinness or a bottle of 12 year old Jameson and you're on!

14th Oct 2001, 05:19
The new tackling rules have slowed the aussies down a lot. Both sides were fit but the aussies were restricted from applying physical pressure on the Gangas and therefore
skill played a bigger part in this contest. On the night the Irish were too good.

Still, there are two more tests to go and the Australians learnt a lot (I hope they did!)on Friday night - so bring on Adelaide's Footy Park. :( :confused: :D